The Result’s We Guarantee

Here’s what Jocelyn shared within our team last week that I wanted to share with you. As you can see she has a beautiful heart and family, she is impacting through her God-given message! This is what we love to do at SUCCESSnotsabotage! 

The Leadership team led by Becky is so much better than any secular training. Becky gives us training/coaching that is relevant and even individually prophetic. Earlier this year during our live bold makeover, Becky suggested that I get with God & allow Him to makeover my ministry/business. I followed her suggestion & In April I launched a new program, “Shalom Healing Dance” ( I had no idea that I would need a healing for myself.) In June I became very ill and had to be in the hospital. The Lord used my stay in the hospital, to give me practical lessons about his love, mercy & healing power. This coupled with the training I received, has enabled me to walk in a new bold authority for teaching The Shalom Healing Dance. Becky thank you and keep doing what you are doing! Jocelyn Richard 

For those of you who are new to my coaching, I want to take a moment to explain to you what makes SUCCESSnotsabotage different than other ministries or coaching programs.

By God’s grace, he led me to develop a Christian training program that is result-oriented in raising your vision, fitness-level, prayer life and that activates you into training other’s with your unique message.

I did this because honestly, the missing gap that I see within the body of Christ is teaching people how to become disciplined with their vision.

This is hugely important to me because when you share your testimony about where God set you free and how he did it, you are going to be passionate about it, clear and compelling. In other words, people are going to see your boldness, and God will anoint you to make disciples because this is your authentic message, not someone else’s book or brand. GOD RECEIVES THE GLORY alone!

This is about as close to apostolic power as you’re going to get without raising the dead!!!!
So instead of teaching a class on how to make disciples, I believe in teaching YOU HOW TO BE AN OVERCOMER. Then, you will make disciples whether you are in ministry or business because=>
1. Everyone see’s you walking in victory when you weren’t able to before.
2. They want the same thing you have=> clarity + BOLDNESS!
3. At this point, you have an opportunity to decide if God is calling you speak or write for a ministry or if you want to launch a business with your message that is faith-based.

In other words, you’re going to learn how to work out of limiting mindsets into an identity that is so bright and confident; you are multiplying your RESULTS in others. Now, let me break that down for you from a ministry perspective and also a business perspective and why I charge for my coaching rather than asking people for donations through a ministry tax status.
First of all, I am asking you to become identity wise someone who is RESULT DRIVEN not EMOTIONALLY DRIVEN.  Emotionally driven people are not weak in spirit, they have not been taught how to fight properly through spiritual warfare.  Double-mindedness is a spiritual problem, not something that requires medication or you trying harder.

This is why I don’t hype my testimonials or drive people to sign up for my programs through manipulative copy or fear-based messages. I am sorry to see and even say this, but there are many people who emotionally drive their messages and then ask for an offering or donation. I don’t do this. I serve consistently every week with excellent teaching whether you decide to go deeper into your training or not. Result driven people have the best results when they make logical decisions to invest in growing their leadership.

This is because they have received a revelation that their results were given to them to serve others with. Now, essentially what we are talking about at this point is God is calling you to STEWARD the breakthrough and anointing he gave you. This is when we have to decide whether we are going to hide our gifting because it’s too much work to grow it or we block the time into our schedule to learn how to multiply. Sadly, I have seen a few Christian leaders who expect God to send them someone to do their work for them, and so they wait and wait on resources. Guess what? You start with what’s in your hand, and when you’re faithful with that, you increase!

I have had people offer to donate to my ministry/business, and I said NO! You know why? Because they want to check me out, they don’t want me to ask them if they did their homework and when they don’t follow through… for me to ask them why did you not do what you said you would do? In other words, they want to FEEL SPIRITUAL AND TALK SPIRITUAL BUT NOT BECOME IDENTITY WISE A PERSON WHO OVERCOMES OBSTACLES. Friends this is why the church is so watered down in power. WE HAVE NO TESTIMONY because we don’t want to be conformed to Christ and invite a biblically based CHALLENGING COMMUNITY.

Next,  my testimony is that I felt a huge call to live a life of purpose, but I was so stuck in limiting mindsets that every time I applied myself to bigger goals or stepped out to lead something I would get hit with so much doubt, double-mindedness and distraction I would give up.

Limiting mindsets affect your marriage, children, finances, and friendships.
Don’t be deceived. Going to Bible studies is not going to make you an overcomer. If you are still the same person you were last year, you’re not being challenged!!!! I love this quote.

We’re not accustomed to occupying defensive positions. It’s destructive to morale.—LtGen H. M. “Howlin’ Mad” Smith, Iwo Jima, 1945

Receiving training on how to push through spiritual warfare, get clarity on your vision and then getting accountability to do that work in prayer and practically is what is going to change you. When you are changed, you will begin to influence others authentically.

I told someone I was coaching this week and I believe this.

I will have to stand before God with the brains, gifting, passion, and compassion he gave me, and I will have to give an account for it.

Not my husband, not my children. Me. I want to hear good and faithful servant because I have loved others well and not my own comfortable life. There are some of you that God has wanted to send in your neighborhoods, the marketplace and in other places and you have allowed the double-mindedness to distract you from your mission.

God’s mission. I can launch you right now. Today.

I offer a money back guarantee in one month if you join and you don’t receive the clarity and support you have needed for DECADES. I will give you every dime back without questions. How can I do this? Because I don’t hype my results. You will receive what I tell you that you’re going to receive if you do the work and get a prayer partner within our team (that we will provide).

Please don’t hesitate to invest in building a significant life before God. Become the thankful 60,80 fold return for your spouse, your children, and your community.

Go here to check out the specific training and result’s you will receive and step out in faith to begin impacting people this week for God’s glory.

Loving you with the truth, Bec:)