Success Stories

Becky’s leadership team won’t just give you shifts into understanding your authority; it gives you real accountability. These ladies are just as serious and know what they are looking to accomplish. They are each committed to this team for a specific period, and that commitment keeps the focus and accountability tight. Knowing I will be giving an account each week, causes me to do the work. I also think it’s great because it gives you the opportunity to train up a team member to grow and get your feet wet in a safe environment with a lot of subjects that can be very tension filled, so to speak in the way of facilitating in a small and somewhat structured environment. Becky’s influence has caused me to access places & things in the Spirit that have taken me to the next level in His plans for my life. I am pursuing my own coaching business with the confidence I gained.  Pastor Pam Carrano-Cappabianca, NJ


If you want to be stretched, challenged and guided by the word, then this team is for you. Becky’s unrelenting, yes, unrelenting desire to see a person free in God is the TRUTH! It challenged me to stop accepting the status quo of what I was allowing God to do in and through me. It was a perfect addition to the revelation that I was receiving at my church but in a more intimate setting. Becky has a way of creating an atmosphere of trust and vulnerability on her teams that is priceless. I love that when you become part of her leadership team that you know that Becky is not just thinking about you, but she’s praying for you. You’re not just a client, but a daughter, sister, or friend. Becky sees the God in you and helps you see it too – for yourself. There is a tenacity, consistency, and perseverance that is birthed just by being in her “circle.” The support that you receive from the other team members is not just lipped service, but a sisterhood. Jocelyn Hairston, Ga


I knew that I needed to be part of Becky’s  Leadership Team because I wanted to lead from a place of love and integrity. I knew that Becky would provide a biblical and balanced approach to building better relationships by “deepening” my relationship with God and focusing on Godly leadership principles. If you are feeling called to a deeper level of accountability in your walk with God, then this team is for you. Before joining Becky’s leadership team, I felt like I had a call of God on my life, but I didn’t know what direction to take it in. I didn’t have clarity on future goals for leadership, and honestly, I had some tension in my marriage that was causing me to question whether I could overcome and be the leader God had called me to be. I desired to build some authentic relationships with women, and I would have never believed I could build in 6 months the heart connections that came out of this team if I wouldn’t have invested in myself. By the time the team finished, I had got free from people pleasing, had the spiritual  breakthrough in my marriage and got propelled into pursuing my dreams. I can’t say enough about these programs; it’s cliche, but seriously, they will transform your life. I am launching my own business now.  Hena Torok, AZ


Becky’s leadership team was a place to grow my personal leadership in the Lord, as a wellness coach and a speaker already ministering in my church.  I enjoyed the like-minded women with a variety of skill sets. It provided a powerful platform to overcome the obstacles that were holding me back. Becky is a great motivator, encourager, a powerful woman of prayer. She creates an environment to grow in authority with an unbelievable amount of accountability. Invest in yourself and your leadership in this team, you won’t regret it. Sherry Cameron, Texas


I invested in Becky’s leadership team because a good friend of mine had gone through one of Becky’s team’s and recommended it to me. You know, I have always felt God had a bigger plan and purpose for my life and of course this has been touched on in various ways, through ministry at my church, a business I run and how I reach out in my community to serve. But, there was just not a fullness on it until I met Becky Harmon. I believe He had me cross paths with this team to help bring the plan he’s planted in my soul, to full bloom. After going through Spiritual Advance, I finally feel like my dreams and visions are coming to fruition and my clarity level has increased for the next steps I am taking. I highly recommend her coaching as I feel so much more empowered! Jen Cox, Kansas


Becky’s leadership team asked ALL the tough questions around religion, faith, authority, judgment and forced clarity on issues that truly are murky in our society today. Nothing was left out. Every interesting topic pitted scripture against cultural and modern belief systems. It’s not that there was a “clear winner” rather it forces us to look at the world through a standard lens. I learned MUCH from this truth. What even our Christian circles might think may not be scripturally based. It is so important to let Gods Word speak to me directly. I have to hear Gods UNIQUE word for ME on all issues not through other leaders interpretations. Otherwise, I’m still following man. A side effect of this level of honesty is that I forged deep, intimate relationships within the team. The kind of intimacy we all crave- I can be completely myself, unguarded, unmasked, weak or strong, and they will accept and love me, respect me and support me in prayer. And, oh Lord the power of prayer, are you ever going to be blasted !!! Becky King, Ga


After six months on the team, there were such huge breakthroughs and mental shifts that in December when my boss asked me to send him a list of my goals for 2016, I took a whole new approach. I’ve been feeling restless at work, bored, not challenged, feeling like my strengths aren’t being utilized. So I came up with a list of goals that I could get excited about and rewrote my job description in a whole new direction. I presented them to him, and he was intrigued, asking me questions about them and taking notes. A couple of weeks later we met, and he told me he loved my goals and gave me carte blanche to implement them. This means my current responsibilities and taking on new ones that fit my strengths and passions, and which will make a huge difference in our company. I’ve already taken action on some of them and am seeing a breath of fresh air blowing through our team, with people getting excited about some much-needed changes. All this is a result of the shifting that happened through participating in the ASL team. Angela Karum, Fl


I want to grow my own Christian business, and one thing this team really did for me was to help Women's Spiritual Advanceme understand my spiritual authority and not waiting for ANYONE to validate me. I learned to be balanced in the way I lead and keep everyone paced on my teams but in their pace. I really also began to understand that God is going to use me in a powerful ways regardless of my gender. It has empowered me to go and make disciples, and I feel more equipped in my leadership. I have recommended this team to my friends already! Pastor Grace Ekane, Atlanta 


laurieI had been reading Becky’s blog posts and taking notes in my journal from her training. I knew God wanted me to take a step back from my leadership positions at church and refocus, recharge and redirect my energy. This team fit the ticket. This was different from anything I had received in the church because it made me process through writing our answers into the team, the concepts in a very practical and meaningful way.   Because all the team members were on similar quests, the conversations stayed on track, and there was some great spiritual meat which I am still digesting. One of the concepts that  rocked me was on religious authority, and it’s forced me to focus on what God is prompting me to do and not be worried whether it is man approved. I feel so much more equipped to make disciples for Christ now. Another big takeaway was understanding the importance of actually defining and consistently implementing my leadership model. Another confirmation? I am more convinced now than ever God is calling me to coach… He is telling me to just pull the trigger, not worry about every single perfect detail, strive for progress, not perfection. I have told all my friends about this team and how it changed me! Laurie Pittman, Atlanta


I joined this team because I needed a hope infusion! I had experienced two years of only part-time katieemployment and had begun to feel as though I would never overcome my financial problems nor would I be able to start my own business – but that was what I desperately wanted!  I was not able to hear all that God was telling me I could become. One thing that happened immediately was I learned I am uniquely created by God for a purpose He designed for only me! The team helped focus on the scriptural authority that is given to every believer. Sometimes Bible studies just teach about generalities, this pinpointed what God has for us – if we will simply walk it out and do the work. After this team I feel the need to stay in constant conversation/relationship with the Father. I also learned to not be intimidated by those in worldly authority! I feel as though I have the freedom to share Jesus as I know Him and let the Holy Spirit woo them as only He can! I actually began to receive an equipping from this team. I understand now that seeking wisdom from the Word and the Lord for any concern I have, isn’t sufficient! I need to ACT in the way that I am directed, and then leave the results to Him. It’s not my responsibility to ensure others make the best decisions, only to inform them of the information I have. I also don’t have to wait for others to give me their blessing on something. If I know the Lord is calling me to it, then I need just to do it, and He’ll see me through it!  I recently began a new job and am so grateful I invested into this team, and I think the staff is aware that I am not a pushover, but that I’m not a dictator either! Women need to learn that spiritual gifts and calling are for everyone. Many churches spend lots of time on submission, and very little on authority—as it it taught in Scripture. Women need to realize they are just as worthy as the men in this world. Kathleen Kielma


I am pretty serious about transforming my life to fulfill my God given purpose. This requires researching and studying all “things” about my growth and development. Strengthening my faith, feeding my spirit, meditating on God’s Word and communing with the Holy Spirit provide me with the foundation to keep focused and to grow in revelation. Spending time in Becky’s coaching teams was a natural, needed and logical step for me. Her wisdom and instruction help me better identify spiritual strongholds (or potential pitfalls) in my life and provide me with practical solutions to overcoming them. Her teams are an investment in honing myself, becoming a better person for work in the Kingdom. Becky’s strategies provided clarity and answers when I was unable to articulate and clearly define the spiritual “what” or “thing” preventing me from my purposes/goals. You can not defeat an unidentified enemy or defeat an enemy you fail to understand. This community helped me get bolder and better. Katrina Bruce


bold identity teamIn this inspirational, challenging team, everyone help’s you “workout” every part of who you are identity-wise.  Each day in the team is an excellent encouragement to give the Lord your best in every area of your life. The video’s Becky does help me keep my momentum and build with individuals who are equally committed to living a sold-out committed life. You also have additional training video’s in the back that she made for her personal clients that we get access to. Invest in this team…you will change, and it will stick!  Julie-Anne Smedley, Queensland, Australia


Becky’s leadership team is where you can get real about your high’s and your low’s. When I came into the team, I was very timid and didn’t feel like sharing. I was never judged. Everyone encouraged me. There is room to grow and be yourself and yet be challenged. Truly Becky Harmon is the real deal. She put’s Christ first and teaches you to hear God for yourself. I am eternally grateful for the relationships I have built with this team. Don’t hold back, jump in. It will change your life! Takisha Williams, Georgia


Quitting is no longer an option and neither is negativity since joining the Bold Identity team. I decided to invest in this program to solidify my purpose, become bolder in my prayer time and know how to respond to difficult people in my life. I wanted to quit reacting and instead be secure in setting clear boundaries.  I also wanted to become an individual who finished what they started! I think the biggest thing that makes the Bold Identity team different than a Bible study at church is the group pushes you not just to TALK about your purpose but take action! I realized perfectionism was holding me back after the first round! The accountability to be in the Word and go through the homework has helped me see that it’s not about performing, but it’s more about the steps I’m taking to go deeper with God and take the measures necessary to finish what I start. I’ve learned that what I say both in public and to myself has an impact on how people perceive me. I want others to be drawn to me because of what God’s doing in and through me. I have definitely been more empowered to go and make disciples from this program. A big moment for me came when I began to see how God wants to use me and the devotional journal to draw others to Him. I am gaining more clarity in how I can help others. I have been bolder in my prayers and have seen God answer some of them fairly quickly. I have already recommended the team to all my friends! Wendy Mitchell, Roswell


bold identity teamOne of my first results was noticing I wasn’t struggling with fear and rejection anymore. I had been seeking God for deliverance in these areas. When I stumbled upon Becky’s website and read what her leadership program was about I knew it was what I needed. Since joining  I recognize that I have flaws and imperfections but they don’t define who I am. I don’t let them hold me back. I realize that everything I need to do God has already equipped me to be successful. This is really different than a Bible study at church because  I think the members of this team are more transparent and more “real” about their struggles than most church people. I haven’t found this level of authenticity in a Bible study or class. The accountability with fitness helped me go from couch to completing two 5K races this year. I am no longer second-guessing when I hear God’s voice. I no longer seek validation from people and I have been able to walk away from toxic relationships. I want to help others be set free from the bondage of fear and rejection and learn to love their “true” selves. This was really a game changing moment for me….After I got consistent with the fitness and completed my first 5K race I felt like it was a turning point in my life and God delivered me from fear. I have experienced breakthrough with discovering who God intended me to be and letting go of what people wanted me to be. I have learned to love me for the first time in a long time. I have started to dream again and to dream BIG. I truly believe in my heart that God will bring my vision to pass. People around me have taken notice of the new me. It’s been unbelievable honestly! Tiffany Harmon, Atlanta

Once I began the leadership team, my comfort zone was stretched and I immediately began to disconnect from SHAME as my identity. (This is why she was still struggling with self-sabotage)I began to feel more comfortable with authenticity and how to be vulnerable in a healthy way by the end of the month.  The two most powerful results I’ve experienced now that I have been in the team over 6 months is consistency and more confidence in who I am. I absolutely know how to take more ownership now and  another huge pay-out I’ve learned through the training=>Valuing myself and that I teach people how to treat me.  OUCH! I didn’t want to hear that, but it was absolute truth.  It made me reevaluate everything I was going through.  Because of this one thing, I have started communicating more clearly and suddenly feel heard. I now FEEL More valued and worthy!!! The videos and especially the homework make me dig deep with my own pace!!!. They are a great collaboration of personal experience and how the Word of God can deliver you through anything.  Nothing is too hard for God! That being said, you get what you put into it.  Don’t short change yourself because its painful.  Healing comes and your INFLUENCE GROWS when you allow the Holy Spirit to work through the videos and work. I can say this because of personal experience=> I think the team is actually closer than most in church.  We have developed a prayer team inside the team.  We rely on each other. We get real personal. And I’ve never met any of these wonderful members face to face! We can talk and be real without fear of judgment. 
If you are looking for real, raw, and relevant, this is YOUR team. It is above par and worth every second of time you invest in it. You have everything to gain and you deserve to be free and living with a prosperous outlook.  Dana Young, Arkansas

The first results I experienced working with Becky were perseverance in the form of mental toughness and it was like faith just got released. I started training for a half-marathon, working with Becky each week I overcame what I thought to be impossible, finishing it!  The spiritual parallels that went along with physical training that was beyond priceless to me. Coaching absolutely helped me grow my intimacy with Christ and led me to lean on Him when I thought I could not go another step (both physically and mentally). Additionally, working with a team, seeing God’s calling on so many others, both inspired me and opened my eyes to possible business ventures. Working with a team, under the leadership of Becky, put clear goals in front of me that I can see myself obtaining. I am more clear about my calling and how to get there. If you are considering coaching I will tell you that you must be committed to really building a lifestyle of boldness… but if you are, Becky is the coach for you! – Jessica Daniels, Cummings, Georgia


My first results were actually noticed by my family! They said I had started setting clearer boundaries. LOVE and that I’m growing a spine! I was attracted to this team by the vision casting call Becky had on her resource page. The regular goal-setting gurus just weren’t resonating with me like Becky did. I was having trouble getting my business team to “gel”. I couldn’t figure out why & decided I needed to look in the mirror for answers. The thing that changed quickly was from accountability & setting up the prayer partners. The similar disciplines that Becky was trying to instill into us of regular time with the Lord, praying with a partner, & exercise all made perfect sense.It really helped lessen my bouts with depression and anxiety. I have definitely become more confident in myself and also realized the Christian life is not about performance but about more about our intimacy with Him & how that will ultimately bring us to our purpose. I am able to clearly see my future now and I have recommended this team to all my friends.  Debbie Morrison, Tennessee


Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 12.34.54 PMThe results from coaching with Becky? I have overcome fear, received more revelation and practical application to understand that success is imminent with a clear direction, sound identity and healthy partnerships. Becky is militant about the power of prayer and teamwork and this comes through in everything she produces with you. I have been a repeat client and been part of her coaching, teleclasses, and workshops. I have finished a 26.2 bike race as a diabetic, gained more peace, clarity and boldness in my personal life and business from experiencing her coaching that has translated into the clarity to identify what exactly was sabotaging me, know the will of God, make clear decisions and grow a profitable kingdom business. I have already referred Becky’s coaching to multiple family and friends and highly recommend you invest in building a NEW YOU! You can’t afford not to for this price! – Kathy Sener


Becky Harmon is going to stretch you and get you to the next level. Becky throws down abold identity team challenge and is consistent to follow it through. When she says ‘we’re going to get healthy/fitter’. It is exactly that, we do it together. She and the team are supportive from whatever start level to get you moving. The work is goes to deep places and causes you to ask questions of God and yourself which a bible study or a sermon doesn’t always do. Furthermore when you go through the work weekly you see shifts in identifying what is causing the discomfort in understanding what your BOLD identity is, thus enabling clearer focus on who you are and what you are supposed to be doing or working on to get there. Being in her leadership team enabled me to get used to being really accountable especially getting team prayer partner. In particular I was challenged by asking others to pray for me and didn’t want to appear weak but being in the team really highlighted this was pride. I felt empowered to ask for prayer from my prayer partner and the team and this brought great shared blessing to my prayer partner and I. There has been some real clarity in me setting and maintaining boundaries both for myself in emotions and actions both personally, with relations and in business too. Health wise I was not active at all before this but I find exercising enables not just physical benefit but an outlet for stress to be released. Also along side that Becky really does encourage us to do more than where we are to show that we are more capable than we think and we just need to get started. Practical things that changed for me since joining the team I realised that my vision was expanding to more than what it was two years ago. So my ability to trust and believe God for more of what he wants to do in and through me grew. My vision is becoming more clarified like a good consommé. Game-changing moments have been realising that what I have been through is not uncommon but even more so that God wants to heal and restore those areas where I have been hurt/challenged by so it leads to success and breaks the cycles of self-sabotage too. I am also quicker to recognise when others are challenged by my own progress to take action walk in my purpose. Working with Becky is definitely a programme I would recommend to those who are ready to deal with understanding success and being successful both internally and externally and breaking the cycles of sabotage, so they can be more effective and rounded people functioning well in ministry, business and relationships. –Tash Pennant, London