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Learn How To Multiply

If you want to BeGin to Multiply, you’re going to come to a Faith-defining moment.

Sometimes it’s in your closest relationships, finances or a challenge in your family.  It’s when you realize deep in your soul; things just cannot remain as they are. Someone is going to have to be the change agent and that someone is probably going to have to be you.  And it’s probably going to cost you everything. But you’re not going back ever again to “normal.”

There seems to be a consistent process for people who feel called to speak, coach, pastor, or disciple for Christ. Not a “formula” for launching but rather, this is just me as an identity coach, trying to break down for you PRACTICALLY the obstacles most people go through as they grow a more purposeful and transformational life. If you want to impact others for Christ, and then share that message from a business or ministry perspective, you’re going to have tests!

You can find the blog I wrote hereand as you can see, it spoke to many people about the tension they have received for seeking to move from shared faith to a higher calling and purpose for their lives, It’s received hundreds of shares and will help you understand why I feel called to equip and release people not just in prayer and identity coaching, but practical business/ministry multiplication strategies.

Who You Are Right Now

You could be a CEO, homeschooler, mom or dad, missionary, market-place, ministry leader or anyone with a desire to make a difference in the world for Christ.  You’re intelligent, have a high work ethic and are passionate about living your faith authentically. You need a time tested, faith-based mentor to help you build an authentic life of leadership. To accompany that as you grow your leadership, you will have to set up simple systems to help you focus on who God is calling you to serve without having a nervous breakdown!

As human beings, we long for a sense of purpose, and we crave adventure. However, we have to take risks to bring ourselves where we’re meant to be but often lack the courage to pursue these desires. But when we do break away from the familiar and pursue our passions, we can accomplish incredible things!!!!

Applying your spiritual authority, PAIRED WITH LEADERSHIP AND MULTIPLICATION TRAINING is the key to breaking through fear at Mach 3! It’s the 3 key’s to walking in a BOLD IDENTITY!

Why? Because everyone has limitations. You have to learn how to keep moving forward through the spiritual warfare you get from beginning to impact for the kingdom of God. 

Let me tell you, I didn’t have anyone open the door for me. I had to pioneer my business alone with the Holy Ghost and making a ton of mistakes in business because I had no marketing background! How did I press through to build an international coaching business?

I believed God would give me grace to not quit. I kept serving through the hardship. I did the work to certified as a Life Coach and Speaker but I didn’t even put those creditionals on my website or my signature? You know why? Because people didn’t hire me because I was a certified coach or speaker. They hired me because their friends told them they GOT RESULTS!

I have also been married to the same man for thirty years, raised 4 great kids, was in leadership for two church-plants, was a TV spokesperson, top performer in sales, pioneered my own business and all of this through God’s grace and what I will be teaching you how to do. I’m not perfect but I have FRUIT you can examine and covenant relationships that have been in place for ten, twenty and thirty years. This makes a difference in the authority and outcomes I can help you produce in your own life. 

You see to be effective and walk BOLDLY in your IDENTITY (Some people call this calling or destiny), we must do two things consistently. 

1. Have an intimate relationship with Christ and keep our hearts free from anything that would cause us to feel compromised because that interrupts guidance from Him.
2. Create a compelling vision from the Lord, serve with excellence and walk in the authority that God has given us. 

Learning to do just these two things, will cause you to be an overcomer if you don’t disqualify yourself by QUITTING on your vision. 

The things you are seeing within your heart when you pray about your business or ministry are real, but they cannot be confirmed by asking someone’s opinion.  Your destiny can only be spiritually discerned by you when you have the confidence that you are walking with God and you create a vision and start EXECUTING ON IT!

Let’s take a look at 1 Corinthians 2:

“But as it is written: ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.’ But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. For what man knows the things of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so no one knows the things of God except the Spirit of God. 

This passage of Scripture is clear. Spiritual things like your PURPOSE must be spiritually discerned and then walked out!

So you’re need right now is to overcome the spiritual warfare, become a greater problem solver and then use your story to transform others. You may want to begin to multiply by writing a book, launching your own faith-based business, disciple in your neighborhood, become a life coach or simply just grow your leadership so you can publicly speak.  You are results oriented and the fact that you KNOW you could be more focused and productive in your spiritual life, relationships and this CALL TO SOMETHING BIGGER is pushing you to get the MENTORING you need!  Right now is the time to do vision casting, join a team that is equally driven to influence others and develops a whole NEW YOU!

Becky Harmon Leadership Team

What Keeps Happening To You

You seem to experience constant tension. Maybe you went through a serious season of illness, or you feel like you’re not getting released into the level of authority you’re able to function in. Maybe it’s the 50 pounds you’ve been trying to lose for 20 years. You can’t seem to finish what you start in your vision; someone asks you what you do at a networking meeting, and you hold back because you’re not confident you are headed in the right direction.

Or maybe you just can’t get off of hobby-mode into the courage you need to execute consistently towards that book or business you want to launch! You’re distracted and need a plan to help you build your leadership, your platform, and your message one step at a time.

What Will Help You Create Breakthrough

Within one year in my private leaders team you will reframe adversity into fuel for influencing others. This will be achieved from a kingdom perspective through your identity in Christ and solidifying your leadership. I am going to train you how to not internalize obstacles or rejection as WHO you are but rather implement the action that will give you more confidence and power. 

When you learn to OVERCOME the adversity that is attempting to keep you in a SMALL identity, confidence and provision will follow you.

Let’s look at how many new success transitions I have made through Christ over the years:

1986: Majored in Criminology at FSU, where I received Christ and began a 30-year marriage.

1988-Early 90’s: Overcame alcohol addiction, depression, oppression and post traumatic stress syndrome from growing up in an alcoholic home.

1990’s-2000: Resigned from marketplace work to homeschool my four children (no experience in teaching)

2001- Jay and I sold our home in Tallahassee to church plant with a team (no experience in ministry, led prayer and neighborhood discipleship groups while overcoming panic attacks)

2003- Became a charter member of Toastmasters, a top performer in sales two years in a row while still homeschooling and managing a major lay-off with husband that tapped our savings (no experience in sales or speaking)

2005- Experienced an identity theft for almost a million dollars and afterward became a spokesperson and did TV commercials for a leading identity company. (no experience in media)

2006- Finished a half and full marathon- (with no running experience and after being a severe asthmatic)

2007- Launched my coaching business (with no experience in marketing or business )

2007-2016 grew my business to international level, did international missions with teams from my clients from my business, trained others to finish 15 half-marathons after I experienced major health scare from running marathons…

Here’s What You Can Expect When You Join!

Video strategies are delivered weekly online in my private membership area of my website. This is a combination of all my coaching manuals and curriculum. Everything I create is to help you build a faith-based vision that will impact others in a purpose-filled way, reveal to you where you are sabotaging your momentum and help you create boundaries and authority from a revelation of your identity.  So, no matter what you’re at in the process of influencing, you’re going to get action steps weekly that will keep you paced and purposed. I oversee my team personally and you have the whole team to comment on your work.

Bold Identity, Bold Physical Identity, Bold Intimacy, Bold Authority, Bold Messenger~ We are going to go through all the curriculum and all new training for leaders released in a paced and purposed way! The training is under 30 minutes so that you won’t be overwhelmed and if you have to miss a week due to your family obligations or your work schedule, you can catch up with no stress.

Everything will be on one page called MINDSET TRAINING in my membership area and for three weeks I present identity training and on the fourth week I do one business training so that you learn how to practically market yourself in an authentic way.

In addition to this, we will be meeting every two weeks for LIVE training with myself and other proven leaders as well as once a month Identity Coaching just for our team members. I will frequently have people speak on how they crafted their vision, leadership implementation, social media techniques and how to believe God in faith for big things.

We will also help you connect with a prayer partner within our team.

There has never been a better time to receive the mentoring you need, the teaming to increase your momentum and the training to help you reach people with your unique message. We also are going to give you the opportunity to connect for additional prayer and accountability with your team-mates which honestly has been what set’s our coaching aside from other online teams. Results:

  • You’re going to learn to love teams and prayer.
  • You’re going to put significant boundaries into place that reveal to those around you that you are valuable.
  • You’re going to have incredible faith and enjoy life more fully.
  • You’re going to get more fit and make your friends jealous with your energy level without dieting and with God’s strategic plan for your life.
  • You’re going to discover who you are and how to live a more purposed life.
  • You’re going to use your passion and focus to serve others and provide transformation in your circle of influence.
  • I’m going to show you how I got started branding myself, building products and making money coaching for only $100. A month. (I spend more now but how I made my first $25,000)
  • Lastly, you’re going to look back in one year and say Holy Cow. Can’t believe what God did for me in one year. We offer a one-month money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with your investment.


I want to join! I am afraid I won’t keep up? How does the team work? The beauty of our program is it’s self-paced on your SCHEDULE not mine! I have your work broken up into two sections in a private membership area on my website.

Mindset Training

Business Training.

For 3 weeks I give you homework and one 20 minute video and the fourth week is business training with how to grow a faith based coaching, speaking business. I do this so you don’t get overwhelmed but you have a solid plan for growing your identity, leadership and influence in a practical way. 

When you come into our team, you start on Week 1 even if the team is on Week 25 because it’s self-paced. The team will look at your work if you decide to post it and give you feedback which is wildly encouraging! The best is being surrounded by equally EXCELLENT men and women of God! We also connect you with an accountability partner for prayer.

As with any coaching, the time you put in will determine your results. This is because we are not “counseling.” This is leadership training to raise you out of the overwhelm and give you strategies on building a life that is stable and influential. When you begin to build this, I show you how to harness and write your victories in writing so that you help other people receive transformation. This is the ultimate sabotage to SUCCESS program!

What is required physically?  Our aim is to keep you moving and stewarding your body. People with major calls of God on their life, have to be physically strong to carry it and be sent. We don’t make you do half-marathons or marathons. This is just what will be suggested for fitness. We will ask you to find something that suits you and challenges you physically and be consistent with it four times a week.

Can men join this team? Yes! My husband Jay is actually in the team with us and can answer any questions you have come up that need a male perspective. We also connect you with a male prayer partner AND invite your wife to come in at no cost so that she has support also and can grow with you! Women can also invite their husbands into team so no one get’s left behind! 

Just A Few Of Our Testimonials

I first came across Becky when I signed up for her free 14 day countdown to coaching series. I loved the fact that everything she taught was rooted in truth from the Bible. It made sense to me. It came alive. I watched one of her videos where she taught on addictions. At the time we were going through a hard time with one of our children and when she prayed at the end, faith rose up in me again. I remember thinking, ‘I like this woman and what she has to say.’ The thing I was drawn to most was her strength, her confidence in God, and the authority she carried. A few years ago, I had had a revelation of the authority I carry in Christ but because we live in an area that is influenced by negativity, my authority would wax and wane. Since joining the team, I see real growth in this area. I am much less influenced by how I am feeling and what I am sensing around me and much more by what I know to be true. I have learned so much from Becky in the way she responds to posts and interacts with all of us. She is constantly raising the bar and encouraging us to come higher with real honour and no condemnation. Working through her teaching material has been a real joy. Having to answer questions to what I have heard and read has forced me to put things down in writing. This has been a challenge for me but is proving to be so beneficial. When ideas are just thoughts, you don’t really need to do anything with them. Putting them down on paper makes you more accountable and forces you to be responsible and take action. Doing this has helped me to become a lot more concrete and strategic, which is actually helping me to get more done. I love it. There’s power in writing down the vision and then being able to break it down so that it can become a reality. Coupled with this, I love how Becky puts an emphasis on prayer. This sets her team apart from so many others that just teach positive thinking. It’s good to have a positive mindset but combine that with prayer to a living God who hears our prayers and declarations and we become an anointed and powerful people that can make a real difference. I have found being consistent in prayer and declaring gives me much more clarity in the way I think and see things. I have always had dreams but never really thought they would become a reality for me. I always thought it was for someone else. I can see how my thinking is quickly changing and I am seeing how possibilities can actually become realities. I did suffer from a victim mentality and a poverty mindset, which I was working through before joining this team. I joined this team at just the right time which is giving me more tools and insight to see some of my dreams realised. Because of the accountability that is encouraged in the team, it has helped me not to give up but to keep going despite obstacles that might be in the way. Accountability is crucial. I can see that now and it was something I used to shy away from, mainly for fear of failing or causing disappointment. Being accountable has helped me get a 40 day devotional printed while being part of this team. I have already sold enough booklets in two weeks to break even. Anything I sell now will be profit. This was a real breakthrough for me in lots of ways. It has encouraged me and inspired me to keep seeking God, hearing from Him, and walking in obedience so that I can accomplish all that He has for me. Becky also does a once a month, identity-makeover for her team members and I received one and found it very helpful. She obviously had prayed into it before we had our call. Her experience, wisdom, and insight were invaluable. I am still processing some of the things she said and I know it’ll take time to implement them and see the outworking of it all but I am excited and I know I will move forward and not remain stuck. That is one of the things Becky has made easy for me – learning how to get unstuck and keep going. If you feel stuck in any way, the tools Becky offers will soon get you moving, if you are willing to consistently apply them. I would recommend this team to anyone. It is truly worth every bit of money, time, and effort. It has been a joy, not only getting to know Becky a little, but also some of the other team members. I have learned so much just by reading other people’s homework, too.
We are encouraged to have prayer partners and I’ve been amazed (shouldn’t be really – I know it’s God) at how I have teamed up with ones who are like-minded and we are able to speak into each other’s lives. I get off the phone every time encouraged even though I have never met my prayer partners face-to-face.
I know Becky prays for the team regularly and it shows. She is a real inspiration. I look forward to finishing what I have signed up to do and I know I will be a different person as a result. My husband is enjoying a bolder and more confident woman at his side. Thank you Becky. Pastor Paige Richards Squirrell, UK

I joined the Leadership team because I wanted to develop more clarity on how to grow my identity and also learn the things I need to put in place to become a strong mentor, leader,  and coach to others. One of the first things I began to see happen in just one month was the spiritual warfare, wrong mindsets and how to just shift simply into thinking a different way. The videos are short, simple and to the point and what makes it even more powerful is when you post your homework you have the team giving you encouragement and feedback. It’s given me a safe place to grow, a prayer partner who is equally driven to experience breakthrough without excuse making and a place to be authentically transparent. The work forces you into the clarity you need to develop your vision and I am currently working on my message and client focus through the business training. I had nothing like this before joining but now have a pace to see this vision fulfilled. This is similar to church in that your receiving training on how to become Christlike and reach out to share the gospel but in the team, they talk about subjects that never come up in church and that has been hugely beneficial.  Maybe that people want to discuss but don’t feel comfortable. This has been invaluable. Lastly, the main thing I have loved is that Becky is helping you develop your own leadership, your own message and share that with others. It’s not cookie-cutter coaching. It’s taking your testimony, your broken places and teaching you how to share it with others in a way that transforms people but allows you to blog, develop books, speak out of your own story. I not only feel like I have built my leadership but I have experienced much healing and deliverance. Highly recommend!.” Thomas Crumbley. Louisiana

I wanted to be ALL God had called had CALLED ME TO BE. My church didn’t offer anything like this, and I desperately wanted leadership in my life that know who they were, how to walk in their authority, and knew how to touch the Throne of God in prayer. Once I began the leadership team, my comfort zone was stretched, and I immediately began to disconnect from SHAME as my identity.
I began to feel more comfortable with authenticity and how to be vulnerable in a healthy way by the end of the month. The two most powerful results I’ve experienced now that I have been on the team over 6 months is consistency and more confidence in who I am. I absolutely know how to take more ownership now and another huge payout I’ve learned through the training=>Valuing myself and that I teach people how to treat me. OUCH! I didn’t want to hear that, but it was absolute truth. It made me reevaluate everything I was going through. Because of this one thing, I have started communicating more clearly and suddenly feel heard. I now FEEL More valued and worthy!!! The videos and especially the homework make me dig deep with my own pace!!!. They are a great collaboration of personal experience and how the Word of God can deliver you through anything. Nothing is too hard for God! That being said, you get what you put into it. Don’t short change yourself because it’s painful. Healing comes and your INFLUENCE GROWS when you allow the Holy Spirit to work through the videos and work.
I can say this because of personal experience=> I think the team is actually closer than most in church. We have developed a prayer team inside the team. We rely on each other. We get real personal. And I’ve never met any of these wonderful members face to face! We can talk and be real without fear of judgment.
If you are looking for real, raw, and relevant, this is YOUR team. It is above par and worth every second of time you invest in it. You have everything to gain and you deserve to be free and living with a prosperous outlook. Dana Young, South Carolina

 I just wanted to take this juncture to share what this class has done for me already (2 months in)…even through the storms since joining Becky’s Leadership team.
— Boldness has become a part of my vernacular and more and more my lifestyle (still, have to remind myself at times).
— I have a powerful leader (named Becky) who I respect, trust, follow, like and learn from.
— I belong (and feel it) to a community of people who I can walk with and who are caring and supportive and not afraid to show it!
— I have a prayer partner (my first) who is all in as a wife, mother, teacher, grad student, fitness coach/entrepreneur, and encourager for me.
— I have become active at a gym I had been inactive at for years.
— I have begun working on an online and in-person exhibit of my artwork as a way of valuing the gift and coming out of hiding.
— I am starting a Zumba class next week (God help me).
— I am working on a 1-page biz plan (a first) for my business and defining new areas I want to help clients communicate better.
— I have a dear friend who is a dynamite business coach who suggested last week over lunch that she start coaching me on my business (Wow!)
— I can feel procrastination falling off of me.
— I have compiled an active to-do list of the projects the Lord has given me over the years that suffered from stop/go.
— I like myself better and I can see my hubby sees the positive change in me.
Terry Bessard, Texas

This team was life-changing for me. I experienced the most mental clarity I’ve had in years! After the first weeks, I remember cooking dinner one night thinking, “Wow I don’t remember the last time I felt so free in my mind.  I had greater consistency & clarity and moved past the sabotages that were keeping me in negative cycles & “old stories.” I think the very practical tools of time blocking, consistency, vision casting & accountability are something that even in the church you don’t get. I love the opportunity the teams give to being authentic & vulnerable in our struggles it makes you realize that you are not alone as you press forward into your new identity. I also think most coaching programs have a missing link of exercise, which boosts mental clarity and helps process stress. Pam Carrano-Cappabianca, New Jersey

When I stumbled upon Becky’s website and read what about her coaching, I knew it was what I needed. Since joining her team, I recognize that I have flaws and imperfections, but they don’t define who I am. I don’t let them hold me back. I realize that everything I need to do God has already equipped me to be successful. This is different than a Bible study at church because I haven’t found this level of authenticity in a Bible study or class. The accountability with fitness helped me go from couch to completing two 5K races this year. I am no longer second-guessing when I hear God’s voice. It’s been an amazing transformation. Tiffany Harmon, Georgia

Quitting is no longer an option, and neither is negativity since joining the Bold Identity team. I decided to invest in this program to solidify my purpose, become more fearless in my prayer time and know how to respond to difficult people in my life. I also wanted to become an individual who finished what they started! I think the biggest thing that makes the Bold Identity team different than a Bible study at church is the group pushes you not just to TALK about your purpose but take action! I realized perfectionism was holding me back after the first round! The accountability to be in the Word and go through the homework has helped me see that it’s not about performing, but it’s more about the steps I’m taking to go deeper with God and take the measures necessary to finish what I start. I’ve learned that what I say both in public and to myself has an impact on how people perceive me. I want others to be drawn to me because of what God’s doing in and through me. I have been more empowered to go and make disciples from this program. I have already recommended the team to all my friends! Wendy Mitchell, Georgia

As Part Of My Leadership Team, You Receive IMMEDIATELY

Weekly Video Training Once A Month Identity Makeovers Fast Track Archives From Previous Training 50% Product Discount When I Release New Content For Growing Your Very Own Coaching or Speaking Business Priority Access Via Facebook Group And Prayer Accountability


Only $114.00 per month! The day you join, I also have a special offer for you at a REDUCED fee for one session with me! I only do this one time!