Create A Messenger’s Identity In 14 Days


Would You Like To Become A Christian Coach Or Speaker? Develop Extra Income Streams Through Books Or Audios?

Start A Neighborhood Discipleship Group With Your Overcoming Message? 

Hello, my name is Becky Harmon and I created this series for you because ten years ago I wanted to help people receive transformation from Christ but I didn’t know how to get started.

Should I launch a non-profit ministry? Should I start a speaking business? The real issue was finding my focus and who God had called me to serve with my unique message AND I couldn’t find anyone who was modeling their faith boldly in their business without the hype!

I was leaning towards becoming a life coach but felt strongly about developing my own message and brand so that I could point people to Christ and not grow off of someone else’s fame.  I am so glad I pushed through all the spiritual warfare I got because now my business reaches people globally with a message that points to CHRIST and yours can too!

If you want to be a Life Coach, this series will really help you understand how you can take people through the processes you learned from God and that will point to Christ. 
If you want to be a writer, blogger or speaker and share your message with authority, this will help you identify where your boldest identity zones are located. 
If you want to write your own material and disciple in your neighborhood or city, this series will help you see how to begin to harness your story to help people receive tangible results.   

Here are some of the exercises I will walk you through as my gift to you in the next 14 days:

Day 1: Move from survival mode to success with one short assignment

Day 2: How to identify how to get started with what you have in your hands

Day 3: The question all great messengers answer before launching

Day 4: A major sabotage for messengers that will DESTROY focus and momentum

Day 5: The “more” and why without it, you’ll stay stuck in survival mode

Day 6: How to avoid witchcraft as you market (yes, you read that correctly)

Day 7: What false humility is for kingdom messengers and how to push past it

Day 8: Exactly how to identify your compelling core values to serve with grace

Day 9: Get started identifying your ideal audience member and their results

Day 10: Identify your lizard to steed story

Day 11: Creating short training and how to use it

Day 12: Homework to help you build a lifestyle message and business

Day 13: Finding out your client’s core values for effective marketing

Day 14: Taglines and how they lead to results

When you are done with your series, I have a special invitation for you and PRICE for a personal session with me…(If you do all your homework!)

Ready to REALLY get started in your “sending” process? Let’s go!



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16 thoughts on “Create A Messenger’s Identity In 14 Days

  1. Creative entrepreneur, engaging speaker and published author who empowers parents to partner with God in their parenting.

    I want to steward the creative resources and ideas He has given me well.

    I want to provide well gir6 my children.

    Thank you for offering your talents to help others.

      • Simply put? I want to be God’s beacon of light as an actress in the film industry. I have felt called since 5 years old to do this but I am scared, have doubts if I am good enough or bold enough or eloquent enough. I want God to increase and for me to decrease. I truly want God to be seen in and through me. How can I boldly share and spread the love of God to my peers in film, how can I bring them to experience the eternal, unconditional and powerful love of our God? I want to be used by God in the way that only He can use me and in a way that is only specific to me. I feel like there is something inside me that God has put there but it’s not for me, it’s to be shared out and given away and I don’t how to begin to do it. I can’t even explain it. I hope this makes sense. I’m typing in the bathroom hoping my son stays asleep long enough for me to finish this and all I want is for God to use me beyond what I could EVER have hoped for, prayed for or ever dreamed.
        Thank you Becky, you wet sent for a time as this to a woman like me.

  2. I want to evangelize and bring others to Christ, to show them the love of Christ Jesus, Who He is and share what He has done in my life and that He can do the same for them! Being a business owner has been my dream for some time now, I want to make that a reality. Being a speaker, to speak life and hope into others. I want to be all God has created me to be and in turn show others the same

  3. Author, Life Coach, Suicide Prevention advocate………..I want to work for Christ, I want to share with others as what Christ has done with my life since my husbands suicide. I want to empower others to never give up in life. I want to bring the spirit of hope.

  4. I am already a business owner. I just want to learn how to coach, write, speak and train others, which will help my business grow.

  5. Author and public speaker. My passion is to see women in Christ grow in their faith and in their walk. I love writing, speaking and presenting to small groups and large. I don’t know what a Coach does. As for building a ministry or earning income, those are secondary to just completing the task of writing a book.

  6. Day One: A business owner and trainer, cafe and inspirational space, with music or a piano bar. I would like to develop materials that are useful in establishing people, and even to speak will be alright.

  7. I want to serve God and help set the captive free. I have always been better at expressing myself through writing but, God’s ways are higher then mine! So he leads and I follow…