Christian Vision Board (Training)

Move From Survival Mode To Seeing Your Promises Come To Pass Once And For All! 

Is this you?

  • Are you confused about what actions to take that will propel you into a purposeful life?
  • Do you get lot’s of great idea’s but have trouble harnessing and executing on them?
  • Would you like to take what you see in prayer and be able to translate that into small practical actions you take daily?
  • Tired of starting lots of things but never finishing them, so you eat the fruit of your labor?
  • Want to avoid the new age “name it claim it, visualization” and feel confident that you’re vision is Holy Spirit inspired?
  • Ready to take your mustard seed faith and MULTIPLY IT for the kingdom of God?

Hi, Friend!

My name is Becky Harmon, the founder of Successnotsabotage. Listen, I remember what it felt like to pray and pray asking God for a plan and a purpose for my life. I wanted my life to make a difference, but I just couldn’t seem to gain the clarity or conviction that my motives, my desires, and my ideas were God inspired. It was awful getting up early, praying and feeling like I had heard God and then by noon, I already doubted the plan I started!

I want to help you solve this if you don’t have a solid, biblical vision in place!  This training has been taught to all my teams and to Christian’s around the globe. It is simple, powerful and guaranteed to give you more clarity and faith and if not, I will refund your money with no questions asked!

Here are some of the things I cover in this valuable Training That Goes Beyond My Free Resources:

  1. SUCCESS: I reveal the MINDSETS and accompanying scripture that will help you discover and stay in your boldest identity zones for your life, despite your shortcomings! You will know practically how to speak to your mountains and make them flat before you! What people don’t understand is how much spiritual warfare happens over their VISION! Let me show you how to break through!
  2. SUCCESS: I give you numbers of questions to help you discover WHO you’re called to serve which will translate into you feeling like your life is significant.
  3. SUCCESS: Let me show you how to be enlarged the right way through giving and how to determine where to plant your seed. This is something that can be life changing for your finances. 
  4. SUCCESS: Sometimes people feel GUILTY for enjoying themselves. You can’t let the devil STEAL this valuable bit of knowledge from you.  I have an amazing God story for you that you can use for your JOY activation! And what God did for me, he will do for you.
  5. SUCCESS: The kingdom of God should always be advancing.  Let me show you how to begin affecting THIS YEAR with more authentic discipleship! You need to get going and quit holding back mentoring other people out of false humility, or you’re preconceived idea of what you feel like real leadership is. I will show you how to begin to multiply with what is in your hand whether you’re in business or ministry!
  6. SUCCESS: Everyone has a message and testimony in them that can glorify God when it’s written out or spoken.  This is one of the area’s that I see tremendous results with my clients when they implement it! YOU CAN BE SENT To BE A MESSENGER! 

 Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.  This is an incredible promise.

There’s MORE=> I also have another training tool that I created for my team members that I will give to you, Absolutely FREE!

Do you struggle with how to manage your time and say no to things outside your vision?

This is one of the biggest sabotages to building a bold, powerful life.  I created four weeks of assignment to show you how to take a big vision from your board and break it into monthly and weekly goals. This will help you start and FINISH what you put on your vision board!

All This For Only $29.99!

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