The Transformation Offer

Part 3 of 5 In Your Sales Funnel

In step two you have caught the attention of your potential client (read that here), and they have either signed up for a free offer you have extended to them or purchased inexpensive training. (under $25.00). You’re now at the transformation offer where you are going to share an opportunity for them to experience your […]

Connect With Coffee

Part 2 In The Series: 5 Steps To A No Hype Sales Funnel

You have presented valuable information to someone, and they decided to take the next step and go through one of your opt-in offers. (You can learn about that here)  The next step is what I call coffee and connect! Again, this is part 2 in a no hype sales funnel that helps you serve with […]

5 Steps To Building A No Hype Sales Funnel

Part 1 in a series of 5

After you begin to solidify your leadership model and walk consistently in authority, the next order of agenda is establishing a system that takes people from the beginning of contact with you to being a customer or in the case of non-profits, members. Today, I want to begin sharing this process with you by talking […]

5 Ways To Learn Through SUCCESS not sabotage

  In today’s training, I want to help you recognize how to pick up your pace as opposed to lingering in old patterns that will delay your destiny. You must build your leadership skills as well as discerning spiritual warfare. This is important as you won’t know whether to pray more assertively or just take practical […]

Are You Looking For Permission Or Power?

  One of the things that attract people into my teams and makes us different from business mastermind groups is our emphasis on prayer, identity in Christ training and using your message to point people to Christ in your business. When you come into our leadership team, you are released into an authority that sometimes, […]