5 Ways To Learn Through SUCCESS not sabotage

  In today’s training, I want to help you recognize how to pick up your pace as opposed to lingering in old patterns that will delay your destiny. You must build your leadership skills as well as discerning spiritual warfare. This is important as you won’t know whether to pray more assertively or just take practical […]

How To Start Helping People Get Free Who Have Addictions

In 10 minutes I break down the spiritual roots of addictions to porno, drugs, alcohol, eating and other behaviors. If you have a spouse, child, parent, dealing with this, this may be the most relieving 10 minutes you have had in quite a while! Trust me; YOUR life can make a difference and change eternity […]

Discerning God’s Will In Prayer

Faith vs. Fear

  I pray daily to discern God’s will in small actions and my bigger purpose in life. My clients want the same. So what happens when you take the time to pray, co-create a vision you believe is from God and still don’t have assurance that everything is going according to plan? You move forward […]

Supernatural Expansion: Signs And Wonders Through Your Prayers

Supernatural Expansion…. How to See Signs And Wonders Through Your Prayers I was recently listening to Louie Giglio preach a series called POWER-FULL. The series takes you through the book of Acts and how God equips ordinary people and sends them out supernaturally to introduce people to Christ and his power. Right now I am […]

Are Curses Real?

My own experiences and client example

Curses that are not broken will prevent you from becoming identity wise who God has called you to be. Through the shed blood of Christ, you have been given authority to break negative patterns, sinful behaviors and anything else that prevents you from hearing God’s voice, receiving his love and walking in joy and POWER! […]

3 Signs Of Spiritual Warfare & Survival Mindsets

It's about capping your influence!

Spiritual warfare is to keep you on survival mode, doubting God’s purposes for your life, so you don’t recognize your influence is being capped. Without acknowledging the signs, you will not fight. You will remain in a place of passivity and avoidance, and position yourself for poverty mindsets. Yes, you read that right. Spiritual warfare […]

Striving Vs. Wrestling

How To Know The Difference

In this video I talk and pray with you about the difference between striving and wrestling when you are going to birth a bigger vision. So many times people quit because they don’t want to move out a “grace” zone and they feel like they are striving when in reality they are WRESTLING like Jacob […]