The Difference Between A Vain Imagination And A Kingdom Vision

There is a big difference between a vain dream that glorifies the flesh and an authentic kingdom vision. A Kingdom Vision Vs. A Worldly Vision A Carnal or Selfish Vision Will~Reflect what the world values which is sexual power, money, and fame. It will require you to conform to this in your dress, speech, and actions. […]

Monday Motivation From Christ

BLESSED ARE THOSE THAT ARE BROKEN IN SPIRIT! How’s that for Monday Motivation? I teach on mental-toughness. I love vision-boards. I love challenging myself to receive new breakthrough. But here’s the thing. You will go through seasons of your Christian walk where God is refining you to answer your prayers and glorify Christ. You might […]

Welcome To Boot Camp For Christians: Militant Action!

Do you feel misunderstood? Minimized or disrespected? If so, this has the potential to turn you from being a passive inconsistent person into an assertive, militant individual who moves from success to success. It is an opportunity to do important things for the kingdom of God. Typically the deeper rejection comes from your spouse, family and closest […]

10 Ways To Build A Fit Identity

The number one New Year’s Resolution for Americans is LOSING WEIGHT. It’s also the top goal that people are unsuccessful with. Here’s the thing that bothers me and I want to help you solve. Every time someone starts a goal and doesn’t finish it, it can open the door for spiritual warfare that in the […]

Accountability: Examples of SUCCESS And Sabotage

In today’s video I talk about what takes you to a place of weighty spiritual authority and what will keep you stuck in striving and an old identity. Leadership requires humility. Discover it done successfully and what it looks like as a sabotage. Without this, you will never walk in the influence God has for […]

4 Sabotages To Productive Time Management

  Moving out of survival mode into becoming a messenger  isn’t about buying a day timer and creating a do list for the day. As important as blocking your time is, there are other belief systems that will make the difference between a failed vision and a successful business. At SUCCESnotsabotage, building your leadership isn’t […]

Out Of The Box Ways To Build A New YOU!

What do you call a woman who signed up for Jazzercise with no previous experience in dance? (And lost 8 pounds in two weeks)  I’ve been in ministry and training in one form or another for almost thirty years, so I have seen lots of “I’m going to do this” that never end up getting people […]

Launching Your Business Begins With Confession

Acts 14:9-10 He listened to Paul speaking. And Paul, looking intently at him and seeing that he had faith to be made well, said in a loud voice, “Stand upright on your feet.” And he sprang up and began walking. You know we all have the places in our that make us feel unqualified.  And then […]