3 Steps To Fulfilling Your Vision

We read and watch about so many painful outcomes in the news. This year has been no exception. There have been tragedies for families who have lost loved ones in shootings and those whose behind the scenes wickedness has been exposed. It’s destroyed marriages, left a trail of individuals who feel victimized, and most likely their sin will define them for rest of their lives. There are people who have lost political seats and positional titles all because they had no one in their life to hold them accountable and speak the truth in love. This is why I feel so passionate about helping you do the WORK to create a compelling purpose and solidify your leadership. Not just for you to fulfill your vision but for GOD to be glorified. You need people in your life to encourage you, keep you focused and rejoice with you over your wins! 

Today I want to share with you God’s faithfulness through my loss, sudden terror and the travail over my own purpose and children’s calling. I, like you, have had many trials and tribulations and I can stand before you today encouraging you to keep praying for the BEST for your family and friends.  Hold onto the boundaries you have put in place to stand firm in your convictions. Do the work to hold onto the vision you have for transforming lives for Christ in your generation. Because I have seen miracles and continued to see them every day.

Only my best friends knew this, but last New Years Eve, I was told news that devastated my heart. I won’t share the particulars with you, but it was desperate and required aggressive intervention from Jay and I. From all appearances this situation was going to end with enormous pain. It broke my heart. I went to a party on New Year’s Eve in faith because internally I was crushed. This was after a couple month’s earlier we had Joe impale himself on a landscaping stake after falling playing football. The fireman could not get the stake out so one of the Marines who had been in combat which was with Joe, cut his flesh through on the stake with a K-bar so they could transport him. When I saw him at the hospital I was confident he would lose all use of his hand, his forearm was laid open to the bone, and I can stomach a lot after raising three boys, but I nearly threw up when I saw it. Joe’s dream of going in the Marines was from all appearances over. Jay and I were also going on our 30th anniversary but we very wore down, and the truth was our marriage was frayed. We were just beaten down with disappointments, heart traumas, and burdens. We needed a sabbatical. These are just 3 out of probably ten things that happened last year. I never need to dramatize anything in my life, and my best friends can attest to that as they pray me through yearly challenges.

Now, let me share with you three strategies that work so you can see your vision fulfilled

  1. You cannot let the enemy define for you his plans for your life, your children’s lives or those you care about. His plans are destruction. Get clear about the outcome you want to see happen. Believe for the best even if that is irrational. The worst could happen but not because you didn’t kick the enemy’s teeth in on the way there.
  2. You now fight militantly in prayer and with practical action daily. There is no quit in you. You will win. This is your mindset. It’s only a matter of time. Pray alone, pray for everyone who will have mercy on your situation and has faith and will pray. Be the OBNOXIOUS WIDOW who won’t shut up!
  3. Share with everyone you know what God did for you when you get the breakthrough. Because when God’s glory is involved, he wants to show himself strong! This seem’s really simple, but we just forget to give God praise. Here’s why you want not to do that. First of all, the people who prayed for you, need to know what their prayers accomplished! It’s MOTIVATIONAL FUEL! Second, be a thankful person. Jesus healed 10. 1 turned around and thanked him. Thankfulness leads to MORE BREAKTHROUGH, more grace and more favor. From someone who never had any support to walking in this daily now, I can tell you it’s more strategy than most people want to believe!

Want to hear the end of the story? All in one year. Yes, one year. 

God used Jay in that painful story to minister to the people involved. He showed up like Superman, and God moved through him in a mighty way. It totally blessed me!

We sold our house and bought a new house in the country with 5 acres. We have a whole downstairs apartment this is separate, and we can entertain in.

Joe had surgery, regained use of all his damaged tendons and fingers and graduated from the Marines in the summer. #proudmom #machinegunnery

Jay and I went on a dream vacation for over two weeks in September and had a wonderful honeymoon time! Went hiking in Yellowstone, saw the Grand Tetons and we so blessed by just having two weeks to rest and rejuvenate.

My beloved horse I had to put down in 2007 due to Colic, I found another horse that looks EXACTLY LIKE “King, “and so I found my forever horse again. He is being delivered to my house next week!

While Jay and I were walking, two kittens LEAPED out of a tree onto us, starving. We took them home and they look exactly like two cats we had ten years ago named Hershey and Marshmellow that passed away and also brought me great joy. My kids couldn’t believe that God brought me two more cats, one black, one white just like them.  (Can you tell that animals are deeply loved and part of our vision?)

My business continues to grow and transform lives for Christ, and I will be self-publishing my first book on Amazon next month.

Hang on! Your vision will come to pass! Don’t give up! You will see your loved one’s set free from what is hindering them and what has brought you to tear’s, God will restore with JOY! I LOVE YOU! HANG ON! JOY IS ON THE WAY!



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