Write Your Way To A Passionate Marriage

14 Days Of Romance And Renewal


Ready To Reignite The Passion And Purpose In Your Marriage?

This is not a Bible study. It’s a faith activating, conversation-igniting, love potion #9 in the form of 14 days of writing focus.

Here’s the truth, if you’ve been married for any amount of time, you realize that building a good marriage, one that finishes strong, takes work. And sometimes life can just wear you out, and the energy that you would love to spend on building your marriage just turns into trying to survive the kids, work and serving your community.

Jay and I just hit our 30th anniversary, have raised four kids and in between that homeschooled three of them, church planted with a team and launched two businesses successfully. We know what it’s like to feel tired, poured out and stripped of energy! So, this was something we did to celebrate our love when we hit our 30th anniversary, and I am sharing it with you because of how much joy and renewal it brought us.

I’m going to send you 14 days of letters to write to your spouse and the focus for the day. I suggest you try and give your spouse all these letters within one month so that you can hyper focus for four weeks on your love. During this month, I filled the house with flowers, music and scheduled long walks to talk about the letters. We had wonderful result’s, and that’s why I am sharing it with you!

You can sign up below and receive the first assignment in just a few minutes. 

Enjoy the love it stirs! Our love to you! Jay and Becky!!!



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