12 Transformational Truths

This is Becky Harmon, CEO of SUCCESSnotsabotage International Coaching. If you’re ready to:

=>Take the actions that will help you grow an identity you’re proud of and that God can use to point to his resurrection power.  This free 60-minute training is for you.
=>Learn how to break out of self-sabotaging patterns and serve people through modeling and an authentic lifestyle, these strategies will give you instant clarity.
=>If you have a desire to be bold & consistent so you can grow a profitable business or thriving non-profit ministry that impacts others for the kingdom of God. Let me show you how to use what’s in your hand right now to get started.
=> If you want to ditch second guessing and the need for 3/4 signs before you take action because you don’t have clarity on WHAT exactly the will and pace of God is for your life, this audio will bring you deep peace.
=> If you’re ready to break free from fear and deep disappointment that is sapping your strength and courage, you’re getting ready to be wonderfully encouraged that you’re not the only one!
=>If you want to be able to use your business as a ministry or grow your non-profit in a paced and successful manner, you don’t want to miss this important identity training.

This information is important for you to know because as Christians, we can assume a lot of our frustration and delay is spiritual warfare. The truth is, the majority of a diluted identity and brand can be built quickly from just doing character work.

No strings attached! This free training will show you how to get started right where you are with 12 simple strategies!  



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4 thoughts on “12 Transformational Truths

  1. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to receiving the information. Even from your description about this, I already am feeling a sense of inspiration and excitement. I know that this information will be phenomenal!!


  2. Hi Becky,
    I am so looking forward to receiving the 12 truths. I listened to one of your videos the other day on addiction being sin. It was so good. I love how you cut through all the confusion and chaos thrown at people today and make the truth so simple and appealing. I want my life to count. Can’t wait to read and hear what God has given you to pass on to us.
    Bless you,