Courage Should Be The Focus Of Everything You Do

  In our current world, taking courageous action should be the focus of everything you co-create with God. And where do you want to be concentrating your efforts daily? When you’re first learning how to overcome spiritual warfare, discover who you are identity-wise and grow in authority there is a tendency to back down from […]

Christians Who Don’t Like Tension

A Sabotage For The New YOU!

This week I started the Marietta citizens police academy and it was pretty uncomfortable for me. I was shocked by the level of ownership required of officers, who are typically 23 years old, coming out of the academy. As attacks on police in our nation have increased, I have been burdened to see racial tension […]

Supernatural Expansion: Signs And Wonders Through Your Prayers

Supernatural Expansion…. How to See Signs And Wonders Through Your Prayers I was recently listening to Louie Giglio preach a series called POWER-FULL. The series takes you through the book of Acts and how God equips ordinary people and sends them out supernaturally to introduce people to Christ and his power. Right now I am […]

Women: Is Your Church Holding You Back?

The truth about spiritual authority and your leadership

You may be wondering what your purpose is and how God wants to use you in the world. Maybe you have been praying for God to send you and you feel called set the captives free but you can’t seem to find your “place and position” in the church. I’ve heard in the upwards of […]

Are Curses Real?

My own experiences and client example

Curses that are not broken will prevent you from becoming identity wise who God has called you to be. Through the shed blood of Christ, you have been given authority to break negative patterns, sinful behaviors and anything else that prevents you from hearing God’s voice, receiving his love and walking in joy and POWER! […]

Grow Your List For FREE With Youtube

How To Create, Tag and Capture Leads

Youtube is a fantastic way to grow your list and gain targeted leads who are ready for life coaching. The latest 2016 statistics say that online video’s now account for 50% of all mobile traffic. What that means for you, is this a fantastic way for you to serve people and position yourself for multiplication […]

How to overcome fear, discouragement and negativity

In today’s video I have homework for you to do that will help you eliminate double-mindedness and fear that keeps you distracted and weakens your resolve to finish what you start. One of the first things I had to bring to the cross in my life was a passive mind that sabotaged me night and […]

3 Signs Of Spiritual Warfare & Survival Mindsets

It's about capping your influence!

Spiritual warfare is to keep you on survival mode, doubting God’s purposes for your life so you don’t recognize your influence is being capped. Without recognizing the signs you will not fight. You will remain in a place of passivity and avoidance, and position yourself for poverty mindsets. Yes, you read that right. Spiritual warfare […]