6 Tips On Attracting Positive People

And naturally repelling those who thrive on negativity!

6 Tips On Guarding Your Heart & Vision

Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of great relationships and receive support for their vision. Some people don’t understand that they ATTRACT the identity they project to others. So, if you thrive on talking about other people in order to make yourself feel more powerful. Guess what? You are inadvertently sabotaging your own credibility.

If you BECOME the kind of individual no matter how much adversity you receive, you continue to encourage others and find the positive in all tension, you will grow your influence. Everyone can find out what is wrong with a situation or person. It takes leadership to provide the correctional tweak that brings life!

If you want a peaceful, powerful and purposed life you have to place your boundaries in pleasant places. This is not up to GOD. It’s up to you. Learn how to mine people’s hearts and seek out people who are faithful and have big visions for the kingdom of God.

Practice these six strategies and you will see your whole circle of influence begin to change. You will also naturally repel those who are negative, whiny and and angry!

  1. People naturally want to be around positive people. Smile constantly rehearsing the goodness of the vision God has given you. Smile when you’re alone, when your in the car, smile at everyone you meet. As you smile, begin to thank God quietly and meditate on the vision he has given you in your heart. Do this without effort but rehearse it in your mind with gratefulness. Expect this come to pass. Resist sharing your vision, heart or struggles with those who make you more anxious when you leave their presence. Become aware in your life of those who bring life and those who deplete your faith.
  2. Every opportunity you have, practice listening deeply to people and giving feedback that is encouraging, kind and will create more faith in them. Make it your objective to make people feel important and valuable. Find a way to affirm them for how they serve, the action’s they take and any kindness you see them display. Affirm character rather than status or affluence. Negative people thrive on warning you, cautioning you, advising and otherwise creating fear as it gives them a sense of control. Faith filled conversation aggravates them.
  3. Ask penetrating questions that explores purpose, vision and connections when you meet new people. As soon as socially acceptable, after a small amount of chit-chat, ask questions that will explore their heart. This is where some of the deepest alignment takes place for vision. Some questions you can ask: What kind of work brings you the deepest significance? If you didn’t have to make a paycheck, where would you volunteer your time? What gives you great joy and would make you feel fulfilled if you could accomplish it in your life time? Who do you like to be around that helps you move into your vision? Keep the conversation moving forward into a larger hope, destiny and faith! Toxic people will actually walk away from conversations like this because it inadvertently exposes their ego driven life.
  4. Don’t be afraid to share where you feel weak but do it in a healthy way.  What I suggest here is weakness is a wonderful way to connect with people but do it in a way that encourages. From a perspective of this is what I struggle with and how I solve it with God’s help. If you are not able to share things without rehearsing feelings of victimization, it’s best to not talk about it until you feel stronger or more victory as it will just reinforce your overwhelm and put you possibly in place where you attract people who thrive on fixing others.
  5. When you meet someone remember their name and something valuable about them that you picked up on. I generally can remember anything I respect in people. Share this with others so that they receive affirmation for their identity. It’s such a lovely way of sharing joy authentically. Toxic people become skeptical if you point out value. Ask them to share with you something good about the person or group if they are talking negatively. They often will not want to keep the conversation going with you if they have to do this. Works like a charm!
  6. If you enjoy someone’s identity, invite them to do something fun or focused with you. This way you can see if there is an energy or synergy being produced that God can bless. This is when you can give to their vision and they can give to yours. Negative people do not want to have fun. They want excuses as to why they can’t go out, join a group or otherwise experience any happiness. Don’t sit home with a complainer. The best way to nip that in the bud is to enjoy life fully and let them be alone. This sometimes will motivate them to change!

When you’re ready to think big and create goals that require an awesome team you’re going to want to have people around you that are child-like, creative and can laugh at themselves. This means letting go of anyone in your life who is negative and pursuing the individuals that are positive!

What you will find with building deeper relationships that are deeply fulfilling is they are tied most of the time to you living a significant life that serves others! When you press into this, you’re going to find your people group that naturally follows you into a bigger vision and into investing with you in accomplishing it!

Love, Bec:)

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5 Tips For Launching A Life Coaching Business


life coaching

Before you move forward into becoming a Life Coach or speaker which I have to tell you is one of the most amazing and fulfilling callings, I want to offer you some thoughts to consider BEFORE launching.

When people come to me and they want to grow their own consulting or coaching practice, they sometimes under-estimate the amount of work that is necessary to grow a business from the ground up. This especially true for those who have no knowledge of how to build a platform, write, social media or how to be able to juggle 10 balls a day until you have momentum.

I love faith. I love passion but the truth is that will have to be balanced with a BUTT-LOAD of work if you don’t have someone opening the door for you or you are not an already established TV personality or book author. Building a brand is a lot of hard work and even more so if you don’t have a recognizable name. Here are some things to consider and prepare as you get ready to launch. I built my whole practice profitably with no connections but I had to be very consistent and structured about how I marketed and the following will help you have the right mindset for serving people powerfully.

  1. Coaching is an unregulated industry. So, follow me on this line of thought. Your certification (which I think is helpful and recommend) really does not mean much as related to you gaining leads and growing profitably. It is not like becoming certified as an X-Ray technician means you are going to be able to walk into a job immediately. Or you graduated from seminary so now you can work at a church.  Your certification just means you have training (by an unregulated industry)  on how to ask people questions and help them solve their own problems. Unless you are aiming for a corporate track which is going to require specific training, this is important for you to understand so you decide immediately what specific direction to follow to close sales. I never have had one person ask me where I went to coaching school. What they ask me is can you help me solve this specific problem.
  2. If you want to coach others on being an overcomer, make sure your identity is clear, bold and your leadership strong before you launch as if you’re identity is diluted, so therefore will be your BRAND. This is where my ministry experience really helped me. I had a very strong experience coming out of an alcoholic home with God and him helping me problem solve in my own life out of some very sabotaging patterns. Food, alcohol, social anxiety, selfishness, running from confrontation. Basically, when I learned how to be an overcomer in my own life and grow my influence, I began to teach neighborhood small groups and take on more leadership in my secular job and church. I was consistent, and I had a history of successfully training others on how to live victoriously. This sounds simple but if you genuinely don’t feel like you have accomplished anything significant through God than you probably shouldn’t launch a faith based BUSINESS because you’re not going to be able to attract any clients. People are attracted to confidence and clarity of vision. Start attacking some big goals on a personal leadership level if you need more identity work.
  3. I realized pretty quickly in my coaching that if I was going to fill a pipe line and make money I was going to have to discover what my unique expertise was. This is now what I teach in my yearly Summit, as staying in your BOLD IDENTITY ZONE.  When you were in coaching school, they might have called this niching. I have a little different slant on that because of my bend for how God transforms people. It is always through boldness of the messenger and a TESTIMONY that is authentic, truthful and has DEMONSTRATION on it. Don’t worry about knowing everything about “God”. Just tell people what he had done for you personally and do it boldly. So, if God has never done anything for you to help you become an overcomer than guess what? You’re faith is weak. But if God has TAKEN YOU THROUGH SOME THINGS and you learned how to help other people overcome that same thing, you’re now an EXPERT at something. And this is what I teach people to harness in a way that they can grow a pipe line without feeling slimey. Never be a nice, generic Christian. Be a Christian that walks in a demonstration of power!
  4. If you want to grow consistently, understand you will have to build a platform through speaking, social media or with connections that will give you consistent referrals. You will have to serve with blogs, teleconferences, speaking, video’s. The pastor has a pulpit. You need to get ready to step into a “pulpit” once a week minimally. If you have no experience with social media than I suggest you learn before you launch this kind of business because you will have to learn it under pressure and all while writing and serving clients. Owning your own business is a sacrifice and if you’re an introvert like me, you have to pace yourself but understand you’re going to have to work REALLY HARD in the beginning to grow successfully.
  5. Create one specific system for every three results you help people solve. This is key to keeping a pipe line full in addition to building a consistent marketing wheel. My first system was called Bold Identity and I marketed specifically to people who wanted to become consistent in three specific area’s of their life. Prayer, fitness and building a purposeful vision. What I found is when I began to create blogs, content, and FINISH writing the system, I suddenly began to receive divine appointments to help people accomplish those three things. Again, I had to work at it but I lined up speaking, provided free teleconferences, blogged, all around these three specific results. People pay for RESULTS not “life coaching”. To this day, I don’t call myself a life coach. Because I’m not. I am great at helping people discover how to walk boldly and then multiply their message in others.

Hope that has helped clarify for you some things you need to have in place before you launch a business! Let me know if you have any questions!

Love, Bec:)





How To Move Into Your Life Purpose

Before I moved into my life purpose, I felt thankful for the opportunities and experiences I had but I had this “Is this is all there is void”. I was leading prayer for our church planting team, was a top producer in sales, had homeschooled 3 out of 4 of our children and yet, I just felt discontent.

And then the year that defined the next phase of my life came upon me and I decided to move into my boldest identity zone. It was a calculated risk. I had to resign from all my old work and be fully focused on building something I had no experience in. But here’s the truth, you will never step into your purpose and make an intergenerational impact in the world unless you are willing to burn your bridges and take the plunge by faith.

It’s the most epic adventure you will ever have. It will bring spiritual warfare but it will fulfill you with deep significance. Here’s the truth though. God may have already been speaking to you about what your deepest purpose is and yet fear is holding you back from committing to it.

So many times people sabotage their own success by waiting for too many signs from God before they step out in faith and take action. In the beginning your purpose is a fire. An excitement. A SPECULATION about what would bring you JOY to bring to the WORLD. You will begin in the outer circles of a bullseye and you will work your way in the more you cultivate your vision, the harder you work and when you learn how to not get distracted from serving people from spiritual warfare.

Come with me today and I will let you in on a conversation I had with a man this weekend who is READY to step into his greatest purpose. Perhaps this is where you are at!  Are you ready to begin to cultivate your own calling and DESTINY?

Then join me for this short BOLD PURPOSE training!

Love, Bec:)

Striving Vs. Wrestling

How To Know The Difference

In this video I talk and pray with you about the difference between striving and wrestling when you are going to birth a bigger vision.

So many times people quit because they don’t want to move out a “grace” zone and they feel like they are striving when in reality they are WRESTLING like Jacob did with seeing their deepest heart desires realized.

If your dream involves giving God glory when you succeed, guess what? You’re going to go through what Paul did. We preach JESUS RESURRECTED when we overcome though HIM!

Colossians 1:28-29 We proclaim Him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. To this end I labor, striving with all His energy working powerfully within me.

If your desire energizes you, don’t give up. To those around you, it may seem like you are trying too hard and not “resting” in Christ.

If your goals (and even ambitions) will help you influence more people for Christ don’t give up. Your trust will increase as you refuse to quit.

If you feel the kiss of God’s presence when you do it, then don’t give up on your dreams. It not about pleasing others, making more money, it’s about saying YES to the higher place God has for you and refusing to be limited by even your own efforts.

I have a powerful prayer for you at the end and together, Christ will strengthen you for his glory!

Love, Bec:)

3 Tips on HOW To Be Still For More Power In Your Life

The Strength You Need To See Your Promises Fulfilled



Entering into the promises that God has for you means STILLNESS becomes part of your identity. This coupled with strategic work is what releases God to give you the vision and perseverance you need to move into your greater purpose.

Waiting on God is actually what helps you guard the energy you need for a deeper life with God, people and your deepest heart desires. If this is challenging for you there is most likely fear or anxiety that is driving you and the truth is it’s driving you AWAY from intimacy and significance. People who are running from a fear, can’t take time to stop and ask why. So in other words, you will never get out of survival mode and into a place that will fulfill you until you can practice God’s presence.

Here’s what’s important for you to know if you want to know specifically HOW to do it!

  1. You must expect God cares about your heart, giving you fulfilling relationships and helping you see your dreams realized.

Psalm 128

Blessed is every one that fourth the Lord; that walketh in his ways. For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands; happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee.

Now, here’s what I want to point out to you. The word is clear that you will eat the labour of your hands if you don’t quit and it will bring you happiness. But don’t SABOTAGE yourself with doubt and unbelief and that causes you to not do the work to see your vision come to pass.

2. If you don’t block LEISURELY time to spend with God, you won’t even be able to ask him what is causing you to strive. People fear they will not hear God if they stop and take time to pray but the truth is God wants us to desire him enough to pursue him for the wants of our heart. When I am wanting to go deeper with God I get up at 3, 4 or 5am to worship him, wait on him and ask questions. I write down what he says to me. I pick scriptures out that I will stand on. Then linger with him to hear the answer. I skip lunches with friends and get on my face and worship.  If you’re asking God to take you deeper, you must be willing to show him you’re serious.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Behold, as the eyes of servants look unto the hand of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto the hand of her mistress; so our eyes wait upon the Lord our God until that he have mercy on us. Psalm 123

Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother; my soul is even as a weaned child. Let Israel hope in the Lord. Psalm 131:2-3

3.  Anything that causes you to confront fear, set a clear vision and become an overcomer in your life is the cross and the cross ALWAYS takes you deeper with God. To build a deeper more fulfilling life and really to step into your calling comes from resisting activity (even spiritual activity) that is distracting you from being still with God. This very thought causes distress for most Christians. But the enemy of great is always good.

To give you some context here are some things that produced a cross for me in my life at one time or another:

  • Resisting medicating with food and eating healthy
  • Learning how to be moderate with alcohol and my finances
  • Shutting my mouth when I wanted to share my thoughts
  • Setting clear boundaries with individuals who took advantage of me
  • Saying no to things outside what God had told me to build
  • Watching people I loved make bad decisions and letting them go so God could be #1
  • Addressing issues that made me uncomfortable and caused me to worry people would cut me off if I brought it up
  • Standing up for individuals who were being persecuted unjustly when I wanted to fit in
  • Doing marketing when I literally heard crickets instead of having leads for my business

Let me encourage you today to get quiet with God. Especially if you worry you don’t have the capacity to really be consecrated because you don’t feel like you have the discipline,  or you can’t seem to enter into the kind of life that will cause you to be a mature, influential leader for Christ. The truth is, if you are willing to overcome the fears and obstacles right in front of you TODAY by taking time to practice God’s presence daily and receive his strength, then you will be successful.

Stillness leads to strength for more power and purpose in your life.

I will be doing training & praying with my Summer team in an Intimacy Intensive if you would like more of this training for your heart and to see your purpose fulfilled. Join me to go deeper with God and your destiny!

Love, Bec:)



Answer To “I Don’t Have Money”

How To Let God Stretch Your Faith

Please Watch If You Want To Take Class But Don’t Have Money! from Becky Harmon on Vimeo.

Dear Friend!

I receive so many heart felt emails about people who share their hearts with me on what they are going through financially and that they want to take our classes but can’t afford it.

In this video I explain how I use to struggle with the same thing. Really haven’t the clarity to know for sure if I should move forward, believing that I would receive the results of what I wanted and lastly just that there was a new identity for me.

I hope this makes sense to you but learning how to step out in faith financially is more about warfare over taking on a more successful identity. I know this because I have seen this happen in my life and my clients who invested into my programs. The enemy never wants you to learn how to stretch yourself and actually SEE your capacity to push past limitations with faith.

Let me encourage your heart today. Let me know if you have any questions after watching.

Love, Bec:)


7 Signs Of Emotional Disconnect

Emotional disconnect

Think about an area of your heart where you are not getting your emotional needs met. It creates intense anxiety for you when you begin to think or talk about it. It could be your work, family, marriage or even in your spiritual life.

When this becomes a daily challenge, you’re nervous system becomes overloaded and you simply cannot process the chronic fear. God has a wonderful way of helping us cope during trauma. He just has our minds and bodies detach from feeling the anxiety.

If you grew up in an addicted, narcissistic, shame-based or fear driven home, there is a possibility that you have learned how to emotionally disconnect without even being aware of it. Many times people growing up in these environments were shut down for expressing their feelings and the truth. They taught themselves inadvertently, DO NOT FEEL.  The challenge is when we become adults this becomes a learned behavior that can affect our closest relationships and destroy authentic intimacy in our lives.

We avoid deeper conversations that might expose how we really feel. In contrast, living in your boldest identity zone means that you present yourself FULLY to the world and to those around you. Not holding back because you fear rejection, loss or abandonment. It requires boldness you acquire from Christ and pair that with trusting your authentic self. This involves experiencing pain and embracing it.

If not, you’re in danger of experiencing an internal identity theft. When this has happened or is happening you feel “disconnected” from the people closest to you even when you’re in close proximity to them. Here are some of the signs of emotional disconnect in a relationship or team:

  1. Disconnect causes people to introvert their emotions daily. In other words, they live in their heads and this is how they related to life. They don’t allow themselves to feel so they process internally. People who are really disconnecting have trouble communicating. So you will ask them how they feel and it takes them 15 minutes and lots of pauses to articulate their emotions. This is because they have stuffed it so far down. They will get angry at you for asking them to share how they feel. You will also see people doing this who use intellectualism as a barrier to intimate relationships. 
  2. People who are disconnected have to project a “have it all together identity”. They are extremely performance based.  This is often times because they have buried their emotions so far down they don’t even know who they are identity wise. Most of the time this comes from being raised by a parent that was not in touch with their own emotions themselves. Often times, if you ask someone penetrating questions who is disconnected they will turn it into a joke or deflect the conversation in a way that they do not have to acknowledge they have caused pain or are experiencing it themselves.
  3. Individuals who feel disconnected do not feel understood, validated or respected by the people closest to them. They are lonely at a core level so they have to pretend like it doesn’t bother them or throw themselves into their work or Facebook. They live vicariously through this and get their affirmation through it. “Follows and likes” mean they are someone special.
  4. Individuals who are detached will sometimes pursue extreme activities. This allows them to feel the emotional connect that they crave. In balance, this can be positive if you used in a team enviroment. It can however lead to underlying competition that separates you from the people you are really trying to connect and build with.
  5. Christians will pursue extreme religious activity. The deepest worship conferences, prophetic highs, intense fasting. The danger with this is it makes you feel deeply spiritual but you don’t have capacity to reach the vision God has planted in your heart. Intense spiritual experiences aren’t our aim, discipleship is. (which involved people, intimacy and vulnerability)
  6. Disconnected people struggle with medicating and numbing the pain they are in. This can be alcohol, food, self-stimulation, video games, internet. Their emotions are trapped and they don’t know how to release them a bit at a time.
  7. They hold back from pursuing their deepest heart desires or experiencing deep fulfilling relationships. They don’t have the courage to pursue anything risky in their heart because they aren’t used to feeling fear and so they don’t trust themselves. This is one of the most tragic outcomes of being disconnected. 

Perhaps you have just become comfortable with the disconnect or there is someone in your life who is emotionally unavailable.  You fear the FEELING of anxiety and when you begin to experience it you pull away. Here is the truth. If you can’t allow yourself to feel fear and push through it, then you will never be truly ALIVE and experience the power of resurrection in your life. God CAN’T rescue you because you aren’t being dependent on him. Worse, what you are doing is teaching others around you to settle and that they cannot TRUST YOU to help them live LIFE fully present, fully powerful and you will never step into your deepest life purpose.

I want to encourage you today to be honest with God, yourself and the people in your inner circle. A person who knows their afraid and has to ask God for grace to move forward is a far more braver soul than someone who projects an identity to others that is not really causing them to have to live in faith. I want the best for you. Go deeper with God. Go deeper with your relationships.

Love, Bec:)


How To Receive Provision From God & People

Barriers To Intimacy

Imagine spending decades investing in a relationship with someone you truly respected only to find you when you go to the mailbox one day that you’re being served with divorce papers. Maybe you spent years being known for being strong and resilient and you now have a debilitating illness and feel very confused and double-minded. Or maybe you did all the right things as a parent and yet your children are rebelling and wandering. Now, there is a heaviness on you that is suffocating and trying to squeeze the life right out of you. It could be rejection, addictions, fear in the form of an illness, a lay-off, you now have a spiritual battle on your hands that could be lengthy and require deep fortitude to overcome.

But here’s an important question to answer if you want to push through this successfully.

Are you inadvertently placing a barrier between you and God’s provision?

The Lord allows spiritual warfare like this to take us through a refinement process where we are seperated from the enemy in a profound way. He is attempting to take us to a secret place of provision and surround us with his love. Often times this translates in your business or ministry into new levels of authority.  But if  during this spiritual warfare you are choosing to escape the pain by isolating yourself from others, over eating, turning to drugs, alcohol or medicating activities like shopping, video games or computer games, you are placing a barrier between you and the presence/provision of God. Now, I know that seemed like a pretty strong statement to make but here’s the thing. I have been through this process over a dozen times and I have come out the other side every time with a powerful new identity.  New identities lead to promotion, favor and open doors you could never have opened yourself. So let me take you by the hand and explain to you how to get through this in a way that will release a supernatural wind  into your life. There is  process that has to be followed if you want the provision to flow.

Many times people people become depressed (anger turned inward), leave churches and break off contact with the very people that can carry them through the pain they are in because during spiritual warfare they feel so….alone.  Or maybe you have been considering anti-depressant drugs like I have a couple times in my life because the weight of battle I was in just got too much for me.  But here’s what I want you to know.  Emotional pain is an opportunity to see God’s miracle working power in a whole new way if you can embrace it rather than numb it.  It causes us to cry out from the very depths of our being and brings a fire to our soul that will bring you into a whole new level of intimacy with God and people. Intimacy with God ALWAYS translates into provision emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Pain gives us an opportunity to be authentic and vulnerable. To receive from a place of weakness rather than results you have achieved through your performance. To see how God covers and protects you through the love, gifts and encouragement of others. I am a result oriented coach but where I make the greatest gains in my own leadership and business is typically through seasons of pain where I am being stripped. Spiritual warfare will either create greater holiness and intimacy or greater self-reliance that disconnects you even further from God and others who can help you. 

One of the things that prevents people from doing identity work during tension is they have had multiple generations of people in their family who are under rejection spirits that have come through bi-polar, addictive, compulsive, narcissistic parents or (name the pain because everyone has it in their family). Now, that spiritual stronghold has become part of their FAMILY IDENTITY not just their personal identity. Now, you’re talking about an intergenerational demonic assignment that isn’t going to let go with one or two prayers.

Recognizing and yielding during warfare takes discernment, identity work and a team around you. Resisting medicating is some of strongest spiritual warfare you will receive. Why? Because it’s socially acceptable if not encouraged. But here’s what I tell my teams. Guaranteed, your mom and dad may have been saved but they may not have been OVERCOMER’S. That’s an entirely different level that involves Lordship, deliverance and within teams that have a focused goal so that you are RELEASED properly. It’s like if your dad was in the military in infantry, it doesn’t mean he knows how to be a SNIPER and SEAL that works on a specialized team. When you go through identity work, you are being prepared to ATTACK the enemy on his ground and take it back. It’s about the closest you are going to get to being a ranger or seal as you’re going to get in your spiritual life. You are moving from being just a Christian to a mature, seasoned warrior who is dangerous to the enemy.

I have seen God vindicate me in multitudes of places where I have been attempted to be shamed by the enemy.  A matter of fact, let me encourage you with this. Where sin abounds. THAT MUCH MORE GRACE ABOUNDS.

Here is something for you to practice this week if you are in spiritual warfare and are ready to make a 100% commitment to receive a higher level of training.

Go to the Lord in prayer. Pray this:

Father, I recognize you are giving me the opportunity through this painful experience to take what the enemy meant for evil and TURN it into a resurrection experience that I can glorify you with. Lord, you are my high priest and live to make intercession for me 24 hours a day. I ask that you give me grace to not medicate the pain I am in. If on the cross Lord, you could resist the hyssop offered to you to numb your excruciating pain, I Lord through your strength can resist medicating my pain. Father, here’s the truth. I have become accustomed to turning to food, alcohol and these other things (name them) to ease my pain. I now have other Lords ruling over me other than you. I am the one who is putting up a barrier between us. Father, forgive me. I am like a sheep that has gone astray. I repent. I ask you to do the work in me you need to do to process through this pain correctly and see you bring me the provision my heart and life needs. I take authority in the name of Jesus over this spirit (name it) that is attacking my family and I ask you Lord to vindicate me. 

I love you. You are called to greatness and I want you to step into it. There is a secret place of intimacy, power with God and deeply fulfilling relationships with people that are waiting for you on the other side of this spiritual warfare! Press through!

Love, Bec:)


Friday The 13th Special Prayer Covering!

The airlines industry loses millions of dollars every year due to people not wanting to fly on Friday the 13th. When you don’t understand your identity in Christ, you come under the enemy’s plans to limit your faith and courage.

Let me pray a special covering over you and everything you own today so God can use you today in the kingdom!

Love, Bec:)