How To Become A Butterfly

Dear Friend, This is Dana Young, and she is part of our leadership team. Instead of remaining a caterpillar and despite her many obstacles from the past, she made a decision to be bold and not let her feelings of insecurity prevent her from raising money for suicide prevention this past week. She finished her […]

becky harmon

Are You Looking For Permission Or Power?

  Becky, I am interested in joining your group and getting plugged in with a prayer partner, as your ministry has spoken to me.  I have one concern.  I saw a meme you posted and it said Pastor like Priscilla.  I researched this and do not see where she was described as pastor.  Can you […]

becky harmon

Feeling Alone Can Be A Good Thing

I’m thankful to live in a beautiful home, wake up every day to set my schedule and serve multitudes of clients. I have been blessed to build a lifestyle business that enables my spiritual and natural giftings to grow yearly. I have a fiercely loyal inner circle, but that doesn’t mean I have never felt […]


Out Of The Box Ways To Build A New YOU!

What do you call a woman who signed up for Jazzercise with no previous experience in dance? (And lost 8 pounds in two weeks)  I’ve been in ministry and training in one form or another for almost thirty years, so I have seen lots of “I’m going to do this” that never end up getting people […]

How To Tell When People Are Trying To Take Advantage Of You

Confession time. I began my Christian walk like an awkward comedy sketch. I didn’t even like Christians so that didn’t make for the greatest of spiritual launches. Looking back on my salvation experience; I was about as skeptical as you could be about Jesus and still have the capacity to receive Christ. I was the […]

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