Credibility: 5 Ways To Build It Quickly

Coach Training


When you go to build a brand or launch a new business, you have to be able to build credibility quickly if you want to fill your pipe line consistently. What you say about yourself is not nearly as important as what others say about your level of service. Your credibility is what will give you momentum and even word of mouth testimonials so you grow faster.

Eventually your credibility becomes your identity and whether or not your clients are going to be loyal customers and continue buying your products, teams and services. Here’s the good news. It’s not difficult to do this even if you are starting out like I did with no name recognition. Many times new coaches get really hung up on who they know and who is going to open the door for them. You don’t need this. What you need is for people to see you as a “Take care of business woman!”

Let’s talk for a minute quickly about what sabotages your credibility.  It’s not complicated. One of the biggest one’s is committing your word and then not executing on what you said you were going to do. Now, with that said, I have created a couple valid excuses to give you an idea on what constitutes a genuine reason to not follow through on what you said you were going to do:

1. Your unconscious or bleeding from a major (not minor) artery.

2. Your spouse or child is experiencing the above.

3. Someone died in your direct family.

4. You have the flu and please don’t come meet us because we don’t want it.

This is my opinion is about it. And here’s the challenge in business. Credibility is such a magnetizing trait that will give you favor beyond what you ever thought possible or the opposite can happen, by exaggerating your claims, a business killer. There is nothing worse in sales (and we have all experienced it) someone over states the results you will gain and not only do you feel slimed but you totally know you are not referring them to your friends. Which means you have to go find new clients because your old clients won’t be returning.

Here’s 5 practical ways for Christian coaches to build credibility and profits quickly:

1. Get clear on your boldest identity zones and stay inside this tight bulls-eye.  When you discover the zones that God has graced you in, this much easier and your marketing is authentic. We actually do this work in our Bold Messenger Team.

2. Speak and write with true compelling stories. These will include the specific pain you and your clients were in and how you solved this practically. When you learn to speak and write with emotions and transparently, your audience connects at a much deeper level with you. The truth is people most of the time do not make buying decisions logically, they make it from how they feel emotionally.

3. Create a system that you take people through that delivers the same results. This way your clients are served powerfully and in a certain time frame. There is nothing better for your credibility than the sheer volume of clients that have had success with your program.

4. Create a service offering that you do on a consistent basis. People trust those who they see out there serving consistently, without fail and who create great content. If you want to coach, you will have to be a master of content creation. If not your business will not multiply and people won’t really know how you can serve them.

5. If you say you will do something, don’t back up or quit if it’s not as successful as you would like. Then you gain a reputation that you’re a quitter. That’s a financially sabotaging identity.   I can’t tell you the amount of people who just quit if they fail at something. Forgive yourself, forgive others and  give yourself grace to learn what you have to learn and if you want to coach bad enough, do whatever you have to do to realize your dream. Often the person who just doesn’t quit is the one who gains credibility and success. Coaching is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done but I had to press through enormous learning curves to see it realized.

Have faith in God, in your calling and join a team that will give you momentum until you are producing consistently. Remember, there is a blessing from God for those who execute on their word and it’s your identity!

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon






Life Coach: Pro’s & Con’s Of Certification

The Information They Don't Tell You


life coach

I have a pretty strong opinion when people ask me about the value of certification to be a life coach. I believe in education as well as continuing education. I have a degree from Florida State University as well as a certification to be a life coach that I paid up to $3500.00 for over ten years ago. At different points in time I have been a member of many different professional organizations and was a active participant in all of them. I believe in teams and I believe in investing in training if you want to be excellent at what you do. But here’s the thing.

What most coaching schools do not share with you is that it’s an un-regulated industry. Which means unless you are wanting to coach Harvard graduates or CEO’s who value education and are going to POUR bucks into their coaching,  people are not going to hire you for your certification. The are going to hire you because you GET RESULTS FOR YOUR CLIENTS! Literally everyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a coach or consultant. And truth be told, if the training companies were asked to give a full refund to everyone who graduates from their program and never makes any money coaching, there would not be many schools left open.

This is why I tell people to write their first coaching system, get paid from it and learn how to market first BEFORE they put money into their certification. This way, you are confident before you pour money into certification and you don’t have to go into debt for training that you know will not pay off for you financially!

If I had a dime for every time I see on Christian Life Coach Certification School, the following statement, “Life coaching is the nations fastest growing industry”, I would be a rich woman. Please, do a google search for that term and you will find it’s declining not increasing. Why? Because statistically speaking most people do not make money coaching because they have no business or marketing plan when they graduate these schools. Now with that said, can you make money coaching, YES!

Anyone who has been discipled themselves in my opinion can make money being a great life coach. Ministry training is COACH TRAINING. I didn’t learn anything in my school that I didn’t get through church planting. The hard part to coaching/consulting is not being able to really listen behind what they are saying so people get results. It’s creating content and programs fast enough, getting enough leads and communicating your branding in such a way that you bring in enough clients consistently.

So here’s a couple con’s before you spend a dime:

Coaches who are members of the (left out specific name) have had professional training and have pledged to uphold a code of ethics. ( Really, we need an organization to help us police our conscious? This would infer to me that these individuals are not under Lordship or have personal accountability in their life that would cause them to need their peers to correct them)

Under our guidelines, the level of training varies by designation — the top credential of Master Certified Coach, for example, requires 200 hours of coach-specific training, 2,500 hours of client coaching experience and 10 hours of work with a qualified mentor coach, among other criteria. (And I may be stating the obvious here but if your business has grown to the point where you have 200 hours of experience, why would I need an organization to “certify” me on what? I HELP PEOPLE GET RESULTS?

Also in complete side note, In life coach training schools they teach you to ask questions until the client receives what they call an “aha moment”.  I learned in about one month, I think more like a consultant than a coach. I am result-driven and I teach those who are coming to me for business training to function in both spheres. Ask questions but have a plan ready for your clients to follow if they don’t get it fast enough unless you are coaching people for 1 year and you get paid up front. Who has time for the turtle pace? I tell people straight up. If I wanted to waste time trying to figure it out myself, I wouldn’t be hiring you. Holy Cow. And ask the people who own coaching schools who they hire? They hire BUSINESS CONSULTANTS not coaches….Personally,  ask me what I think but I am paying for pioneering. I want to respected, encouraged yet SHOWN how to grow faster. I haven’t run across a million dollar coach who invests money into all of the certifications because their identity is not in other people “qualifying them” but their results is why they get hired.

Now here are couple pro’s to consider because I make money off of helping people grow first even before certification and I want to be fair about what I have seen in ten years now of watching ministries, coaches and consultants I launched with.

1. If you want to be hired by corporations and educational institutions to coach their faculty or students, you are going to want to invest the thousands (probably about 30,000 to 50,000) into going to an established coaching school and then joining ICF as that will help you establish credibility. I have a couple clients who have gone that route but by the way, still hired me to help them clarify their boldest identity zones and branding BECAUSE THE SCHOOLS didn’t do that work for them.

2. If you believe at a core level that your certification is what qualifies you to charge for your services, you  should go to coaching school. However, understand that this mindset is more positional to me than operating out of an understanding of your own authority. Authority and fruit are what people will invest money with you to receive. This is why all my programs, whether you use them for ministry training or coach training, show you how to lead out of a revelation of your authority NOT labels, titles or positions.

You might have a couple more to add to my list but that’s all I could come up with. I want to close by again restating that I do believe in certifications if you want to be a life coach (or heart surgeon, thank you, love those medical schools)  BUT, I have seen too many people graduate from these coaching schools and not know how to close business confidently, brand and market in a compelling way through results and all because the school sold them on their shingle. I have a one or two I recommend and share with my clients that I have seen are reputable and I know the owners personally.

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon

Passive Aggressive Behaviors

How To Deal With It In Your Life & Business

Passive Aggressive

Watch out for passive aggressive behaviors in your own life and with others. It will really kill your clarity, momentum and peace. At the heart of this behavior is a lack of leadership or ability to ask the questions that will bring clarity to fear. Typically people who are passive aggressive have grown up in homes where one parent was controlling or addictive and the other parent was a passive/enabler.  Essentially they have never seen healthy teams, marriages or people making decisions together so they EXPECT in order to get their way they will have to be manipulative and/or forceful. This even shows up in the church as governmental debate about women in leadership.  Usually when you hear a man trumpeting about his spiritual authority and the “submission” of women, you can guarantee he has never had anyone model healthy co-reigning partnerships to him or 51% vs. 49% male/female decision making in marriages.

Passive aggressive people expect to be disrespected or taken advantage of eventually so they jump to conclusions when there is the least amount of miscommunication or mistakes made. They are also great at excuse making about their behavior which is why it takes so much energy and time to deal with these kinds of people. If this is in your response patterns, you really have to get militant about addressing this as it has most of the time been in your family for generations. Along with the excuse making poverty mentalities. Most of the time if it’s addressed,  they not only deny it but turn it around so that you feel shamed or doubt you really saw it.

Passive aggressive leaders surround themselves with enablers so it’s a classic crazy town banana-pants feeling for anyone who attempts to address it. The challenge in business, is time is money so honestly you have to really evaluate if this is the kind of partnership you want in your life as it’s a huge financial leak to your profits and marketing.

So, how do you know you’re dealing with a leader or business owner who is passive aggressive? Here’s some characteristics:

They tell you they are going to take care of it but “forget” constantly

They triangulate to others in the family in team rather than directing their questions to the person who can change the situation

Everything seems fine and then all the sudden they just email you about how disappointed they are in you or your performance.

They keep pushing the boundaries until you explode because they don’t want to be the one who initiated the conflict

They ask you to deal with confrontation for them because they are too busy or you are “great” at being diplomatic

They won’t deal with individuals one on one but rather address the offense in a group setting by alluding to the problem

You will hear them constantly complain about how they are not respected or they just keep getting taking advantage of over and over again

They cut people off relationally but then when they see them publicly in front of others they pretend all is well

They show favorites depending on who is affirming them

They can point out every little detail of how you failed but don’t take any ownership in how they failed to lead.

They always have an excuse for why they couldn’t finish a project or why it didn’t work out

So how do you deal with these kinds of friends, business acquaintances and family in your life? First of all, address their behavior as passive aggressive but guard your heart and time with them! If you decide to confront them, have in mind the decision or action you will be taking ahead so that you get put it in play.

Next, don’t second guess yourself. Passive aggressive people really have a way at making you feel like it’s your fault when they are minimizing or manipulating you. If you feel that uh-oh feeling, most likely you are right. Pray for them to receive the truth but again, don’t come under the fear they try to intimidate you with. Limit your time with them unless they acknowledge their issues.

Lastly, and this is the most important. You HAVE to set very clear boundaries with them without guilt. If they are attempting to control you, just let them know up front clearly what actions you will be taking and then EXECUTE every time. If you don’t, you have taught them that you are negotiable.

Remember, boldness means you can’t back up when there is tension. Hold your ground, establish your authority and stay focused on your mission. Don’t let passive aggressive people distract you from accomplishing the work that God has put you here for!

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon





God Help Me

Waiting On The Lord vs. Moving In Your Flesh

God Help Me

God help me!!! Have you prayed this prayer? It’s challenging to have faith and not let the enemy intimidate you with despair and hopelessness. To be able to pursue God until you get your answer. This is one of my favorite things to teach on because this position in prayer, equipped me to see enormous wins in my children’s lives and my desire to reach women for Christ internationally in SUCCESSnotsabotage.

To really begin to see God give you supernatural breakthrough and favor, you have to be willing to trust God with the deepest desires of your heart and then wait on him to go before you. In the kingdom, timing is everything. This requires that you block time daily, you have a clear vision and you don’t give up if you receive tension and warfare.

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31…This means you are not going to quit when your heart is hurting, your circumstances are SCREAMING at you and you feel despair. You are going to have faith and continue to believe for the highest purpose of God in your relationships and in your business.

Fear is the death of prayer. God help me is not the position of a faith filled woman!  The reason you never hear God give you instructions on what actions to take may be because you don’t go into his presence, every single day with single-minded focus and ask him for what you need, worship and be still long enough to tell you what to do.

In today’s video, I share with you how to give yourself permission to partner with the Father in prayer, embrace the pain of unfulfilled dreams and then wrestle in prayer for your victory. I have done it for over thirty years and seen God slow down my race horse pace to a rhythm that has allowed me to see my deepest hearts desires fulfilled. I KNOW HOW to wait on the Lord!

Let me tell you the truth, if you are believing God for inter-generational change in your life or your families life, you have to learn to wait on the Lord or you will get worn out way before you see your victory. The devil is not going to give up your children or ground he has had in your family for decades with two prayers from you. Mental toughness is required when you are dealing with the enemy!

You are called to walk in authority, set others free with your testimony and see the power of God go before you. This is your inheritance. Today, let me help you renew your strength and see your vision come to pass!

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon



Vision Board Questions For Christians

A Selfish, Escapist & Bold Holy Vision From God


Find Your BOLD Vision

Erin from the Bold Identity team had a great question concerning her Vision Board that I would share with you.  I thought I would take the time to break this down in a blog for all my subscribers since I keep answering it. She wanted to know the difference between a selfish, escapist and bold vision from the Lord! First of all, I think one of the most grievous things for people to experience is to get to the end of their lives and to look back filled with regret. Realizing that your life has been selfish and purposeless. That you have impacted no one with the time you have been given here on earth due to living a faith-less life.  I don’t want this to be you!

When you received Christ, you were given gifts in order to serve the body of Christ. This is for you to help all of us mature in our faith and experience more unity. If you are not serving people consistently, you are going to feel frustrated with a lack of vision and a mediocre life. Why? Because you have been set in the body supernaturally but you’re resisting the spirit of God by not DOING what God created you to do in the kingdom.  So, you can’t be a Christian and not be helping the whole rest of the team or humanity. It’s not biblical and that my friend is how you know you have a selfish vision. When it’s all about you and your experience with Jesus by yourself in the word,  in your bedroom by yourself or just about your family’s provision, this is a selfish vision board focus. The vacations, the cars, the purses, the STUFF.  Usually these are Christians who have been hurt by the church and just need inner-healing as most don’t want to be selfish.

Occasionally I will meet people who occupy much of their time with an escapist or pipe dream vision. This is a more common challenge for a vision board. This is the person you know who talks endlessly about the book they are going to write, or the vision God gave them but when you ask them what practical action they are taking or the specific results they hope to achieve (with the breakdown on how they will accomplish that) they get mad.  You can talk to them two or five years later and nothing has happened, they are still waiting on God (and will be until they die). They feel super spiritual when they talk about all of this but never take action that is measurable. If you aren’t seeing fruit in 6 months, go back to God and clarify your vision.

A bold holy vision board is simple.  First, what do you love to do? What brings you life and joy? Don’t make it complicated. Do you like to teach? Do you like to speak? Are you an encourager? Do you like to cook? Give me a list of ten things that you love to do and I can always find a couple spiritual giftings in that.

Now, if you want to grow your own non for profit ministry or business and get PAID by your vision, you want to take it to the next level. What is the exact fruit you are producing from people, name me 10 things and what do they say about the results you help them gain? Will they give you a testimonial? You need it grow a viable ministry or business.

For example:

You want to plant a church. How many people are you leading to the Lord every year? Have you already been discipling? Do people bring their friends to you? YES? Then step out in faith, the fruit is there!

You want to launch a counseling or coaching practice. Do you have a strong testimony? Do you have RESURRECTION experiences that when you share produce fruit and result in change for people? Then yes, launch that business!

Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. This is a wonderful promise. Just make sure that you place your vision board before you, get it confirmed by friends who will tell you the truth about your fruit and then take action towards it EVERY DAY! Without that last key, you will not have a BOLD HOLY VISION from the Lord!

I am really hoping this has set some of you free from waiting and you do the work to adjust your vision! God is waiting to bring it to pass for you!

Becky Harmon

Marketing Strategy Foundations For Christian Coaches

3 Questions To Help You Identify Your Ideal Client

Marketing Strategy work

Identifying your ideal client is one of the first things you will do in crafting a marketing strategy that works. The pathway to life, joy & wholeness is to walk in God’s ways and be able to teach them to others but how can you do that if you can’t get in front of who God is sending you to?

For some individuals, it will require you to wrestle for hours, days, and yes, even months in prayer and practical work to really identify the grace God has given you and the characteristics are of all the people who receive the best results with you. I am taking the time to share this with you because I know some of you feel this very unspiritual work and you would like to trust God to just send you clients.

Now, I want to just save you time and money (and risk offending you) by telling you that if that is an underlying message you are receiving, you need to address this quickly as a religious spirit that is seeking to distract you from your mission. That would have been like Jesus just setting up a chair by the beach and saying, disciples, we are going to just let everyone come to us. No need to walk city to city, if the Father has called me, then everyone will just come to me and I don’t need to sweat. Holy Cow. Do you see the masks we put on our fears?

Let’s address that as what it is. Fear of rejection and putting yourself out there and failing. The quicker you grasp that, the faster you will actually affect change in the kingdom of God.

But here’s the truth, this process of identification is normal for Christian coaches as well as church planters.  I did this work with two separate teams when Jay and I church planted with and the best leaders, sometimes take a YEAR to strategically identify what their members/clients need and how best to serve them. Listen to what Rick Warren, most likely one of the most impactful 20th century church planters had to say about the amount of work he did to identify his audience.

If you are serious about having your church make an impact, become an expert on your community. Pastors should know more about their community than anyone else. As I explained in Chapter 1, before moving to my community, I spent THREE MONTHS studying census statistics and demographic studies so I could determine what kind of people lived in the Saddleback community. Before I set foot there I knew how many people lived there, where they worked, how much money they earned, their educational level and much more. Page 164, The Purpose Driven Church with Rick Warren

So many times we assume wrongly that if people are truly called by God to serve whether in pastoring, missionary work or Christian coaching that there is some kind of oil of ease that is applied to their efforts. Let me pop that bubble for you now. There is nothing of the sort that you are given except for the burden to serve and the gift of wrestling. You have to grab your destiny and BAM IT ON THE HEAD till it comes under subjection of the will of God! Whether you grow a business or ministry, you’re going to have to come up with a marketing strategy which is what Rick did and what exploded his church.

Three questions as you build your marketing strategy to help you identify your ideal client:

1. What are the demographics of your ideal client? Get molecular.  Educational level? Music preferences? Where do they live? Are health and fitness priorities for them? Income level exactly.

2. What are they proud of? What sabotages their consistency?

3. What keeps them up at night stressed to the core?

Lastly, I received this picture from Donna Thompson who attended last years Bold Messengers Summit, as she was pressing in to do the ideal client work, we discussed the mindsets necessary for success. I always love to give shout outs for bold action. She wrote in red pen the MINDSET across her calendar. This my friend, is the kind of militant action that gets you results. Get ready to work alongside of Donna!

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon

Looking For Friends?

How To Identify And Find Loyal Ones

Looking for friends


1. The state or quality of being loyal.
2. A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection.


Looking for friends? Which person displays greater love?

1. The person who has been around for years, never forgets your birthday, affirms what you believe, listens quietly when you are upset or angry,  yet since you have known them has never really had any resurrection experiences in their life or required you to take the risky actions that would produce this in yours?

2. The person in your life who in a very short amount of time has listened carefully to what you have said you want to produce in your life,  challenged you to grow by questioning your methods or disconnects,  and offers to match your efforts by investing in your success?

Of course listening compassionately is appreciated but if you want to not sabotage yourself while your looking for friends, gravitate towards #2 as much as possible. 

The word of God is clear about what attracts these types of people into your life as a leader. You can break a curse of disposable relationships on your life and shallow friendships by…

1. Looking for friends who will question the disconnect between what you say and what you actually do. 

Most people associate loyalty with being “yes” people. They do not like anyone questioning why they do things the way they do or how they are going to achieve results with the plan they created. This is rejection based leadership and does not produce long term results. Healthy leaders welcome questions and do not take them personally.

In your personal life or on your team, an individual who causes you to analyze objectively your mode of operation is a gift and is typically not attempting to minimize your authority. They are actually doing you a favor by causing you to process potential pitfalls. You may see him/her as difficult…but the truth is, loyal people have a desire for you to be respected and they know that if you invest time into projects that don’t have quick and clear pay-outs, your going to lose credibility as a leader.

2. Looking for friends that are passive aggressive and won’t tell you the truth about how you are coming across to others. 

Many people will never communicate to you what people are really thinking about how you come across behind the scenes.  A long time friend of mine Kathy’s friendship began with her asking me do you really mean to come across like this? I know you said in prayer this is what you wanted but when I hear you talk about this situation, it’s sounds so opposite.  I just got to the point where I began to ask the Lord to reveal to me what she was saying because I just couldn’t see it. And of course, over time I caught the revelation.  I trusted her quickly BECAUSE she confronted me frequently.  On another day, Beverly Lewis (Who I partner with on workshops/biz teams) will ask me, “I know you want Success Not Sabotage to attract this kind of business, but you are focusing here…WHY are you doing that?   Sigh… back to the drawing board…AGAIN!

Loyal friends and team members have an ability to completely make you go “HUH”,  and then  say to you what everyone else won’t.

“Hey, that is not working and it makes no sense. Stop doing it, it’s slowing down the momentum and what you say you really want”. 

They know  for you to succeed, you need help processing and to hear how you are perceived.

In Antioch, Peter was acting inconsistently with what he believed and taught (Galatians 2:11-14) and his loyal friends called him up to the plate for the greater good of the message they were carrying. Loyal people are plate callers.

3. Loyal People Launch Out On Their Own

Here’s the thing about loyal people…they make great leaders. Don’t have a poverty mentality by not releasing them when it’s in their best interest to go and grow somewhere else. EXPECT that God will bless you for sending them out with fanfare and will reward your attitude with sending you MORE loyal people.

Too many times people take it personal when people leave their organization or launch their own stuff out of what they gained confidence wise from you. Here’s the bottom line, you can’t lose when you help people succeed.

Our heart should be to raise up and RELEASE people into THEIR unique identity. That is the only true way God’s resurrection power will flow and reproduce. Be willing to let people go when it’s time.

Ready to build a big bold LOYAL relationships?


  1. Beverly Lewis

    Wow, just go ahead and make my day! This doesn’t count as the note to thank you for being a friend and team member that tells it like it is and walks the talk. And makes me laugh – hard. God smiled down on my life when we got connected.

  2. FreedUp13

    I was called a “pot stirrer” in my last position and it has haunted me ever since. Thank you for helping me finally understand and put into words what I could not express on my own. I love working on teams to achieve success but found it discouraging when leadership felt threatened by my bold approach. Thank you for setting me free to follow my convictions.

    1. Beckyharmon

      I generally find if you love teams, that’s your identity. Press into them! Sometimes it’s just forgiving yourself for not transitioning out the way you wanted too and then just learning from your past experiences. It’s funny, I tell my daughter don’t be afraid to stir it up, just communicate it in the right way so it makes people see that your heart is to elevate them. Maybe go back and really write down what you could have done better in those past situations. That’s a really good short exercise I do with my clients.

  3. People want to put me in a box

    Wow, that’s me! Sometimes people don’t know what to do with me or resist my questioning while I feel like I have really valid points to examine. I just have that big picture in mind and want to help them reach their vision. It’s so comforting to know that I’m not the only one. Thanks so much!

    1. Beckyharmon

      :) Well, for me. I had to learn how to give a lot of affirmation when I ask my questions. Big smile on my face, here’s what I think your doing right and then begin to ask a couple questions. What’s funny now, is I can tell in 5 minutes if people REALLY want to be successful with their vision because the questions alone should bring the next idea in they need to implement. If it’s all smoke and mirrors, they will get offended. Saves time too:) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Ali Green

    Becky, you always have such great challenges and reminders to focus on what really matters. Thank you for your honesty and perspective. I always take it to heart!

  5. Natalie Epperson

    I really like the #3 under the mission – it always feels good as the writer to let someone know how much they have impacted you, but it also is such a tremendous blessing to receive validation from a past action. Thanks Becky for always making us focus.

    1. Beckyharmon

      Yep. It’s amazing what a little mail delivered note can do for someone’s day. You are my kind of gal!

  6. BeckyHarmon

    We do have fun don’t we:)

  7. BeckyHarmon

    :) Thanks! An as one fellow “pot-stirrer” to another, I can say I always try and evaluate how I could have handled that better and apply the lesson but not let the enemy steal my boldness. I am pretty militant about using the word of God to get free from condemnation from past pain. If you need any support with that, our Lead On Your Knees team might be a good fit for you and this is the last one for the year. Let me know if you need more info on that:)


Make Money From Home Coaching

By Writing Your First Manual For Clients

Make Money From Home Coaching

How to position yourself as an expert and make money from home coaching

The BIG difference between my teams and all the other “coaching schools” is this: You will grow in intimacy with God, leadership with people and if you want to coach with your own resurrection message, I can show you how to get started nearly cost free. I’d like to give you some business training today and share with you how any Christian woman with a desire to get paid to coach or transform lives for Christ can do it without a theological degree or big coaching certification.

The most important part of learning how to make money from home coaching is communicating in such a way that you attract the people who are ready to take ownership. For many Christian coaches, this is where they get stuck and leak out their profits. Well, let me tell you the truth about this. If you are already leading in ministry, this is hard transition because you aren’t used to asking people up front for a high level commitment. You are accustomed to serving and then if people feel inclined giving you a donation. This can present a lot of problems when you go to coach because what happens is you spend time in the wrong place and with the wrong people who are not willing to work hard to get results.

I’ve been praying over people, leading them out of victimization mentalities, speaking and coaching now in one capacity or another for twenty years.  It is really hard to separate yourself from the crowd and build a compelling organization or brand these days unless you have a PR firm or publishing house marketing for you.  But the beauty to combining your marketing with your own coaching system is you can create your brand while you make money from home coaching. It’s brilliant because you are getting paid to hone your skills and write your first system as you develop it.

When you launch a life coaching business it can take years to learn how to fill your pipe line. This then makes you doubt you have what it takes to coach. It’s why so many amazingly gifted women with powerful messages quit. It’s because they don’t know how to spend their time correctly and use a simple plan for marketing, blogging and social media.

I’m convinced that creating your own coaching system is a beginning coaches best value for three reasons: You won’t need anyone to open the door for you in ministry or coaching because YOU will position you with the help of the Holy Spirit as an expert, you can discover all the value you really do have within you so you don’t feel like you are “selling” and lastly you won’t need additional business coaching on top of what you are already doing. You can sharpen your copy skills, create a high value coaching program and put your marketing wheel into place all at once.

Truth be told, I built my business to the first 25,000 with a marketing budget of under $100.00 a month.  I then used some of that money to grow to the next level. These are not people who hired me for coaching and then moved on. They are loyal customers who have kept moving through my programs (told their friends about me) because my coaching delivers tangible results. As many of you know, I don’t fluff anything and my growth has mostly been organic.

I want to spend a whole weekend with you one on one showing you how to create your first coaching system.  More than that, I want to show you HOW to release that resurrection message within you that God has worked into your life. You can start influencing and transforming women for Christ and fulfill the great commission to make disciples as an entrepreneur!

It gets even better….

When you build your identity around your coaching system, people begin to know exactly who to call when they need a speaker, retreat facilitator, ministry leader, they get to know exactly what you reproduce in other people. I have no idea why the church at large is not harnessing this concept on a larger level. It literally is the easiest pathway for making disciples and with social media combined you can take your identity global for such a small investment up front.

Some of my clients started out in my Bold Identity team and have moved through my spiritual advance and are now positioning themselves to reproduce 10 to 50 disciples a year off of their own message in less than two years. THAT IS INCREDIBLE. And it was a God idea that launched this whole thing!

You’ll be AMAZED at what you can do with your leadership with just one system that you write in about 6 months. Many of our clients realize just how much they have been holding themselves back when they get in a team and use that momentum like we will be harnessing at the Summit.

In our BOLD Summit, we’re going to show you how to deal with poverty mentalities that are SPECIFIC to Christian coaches & ministry leaders, how to write in a sequential way with our templates so you don’t have to wander in the dark, and everything that will help you make money from home coaching. Don’t get distracted with all of the gadgets out there that tell you if you sign up with their product, they will channel leads to you, it won’t do it consistently, like your own message. You need to identify your boldest identity zones and we can help you discover that!

One 3 day weekend with Becky and Beverly and you can start influencing dozens immediately!

We’ve made it affordable for all, offering to save your seat in the Summit for half down.

It’s so important that you get this SUMMIT, we’ve taken away ALL EXCUSES and created an extremely affordable payment plan so you can start immediately and broken up the payments for you for two months and you can bring the rest to the Summit.

The BIG difference between my programs and teams and all of the others out there is this: You will use the momentum of a team to help you be accountable to write and finish strong!

Don’t miss it! REGISTER NOW for a free call we are doing August 19th to walk you through our strategies and the special payment plan we are offering.

HOW do we have a loyal customer base that keeps moving higher into our programs? How did I start coaching with ZERO people opening the door for me?  I created the kind of system I am going to teach you to do over this weekend.

There’s NO excuses! We’ve pioneered the way for you! Join us for this free call and get started creating your own dynamic message!


With love,
Becky Harmon

Becky Harmon

Writing A Book

5 Reasons Christian's Need To Get Started Now

 writing a book

Writing a book is one of the greatest way’s Christian life coaches can become modern day messengers for Christ. If I had someone share with me the information that I am going to tell you today, I would have never struggled with blocking time for writing my first coaching manual.

God sometimes calls people into service in super-spiritual ways, I am not disputing that. Maybe they have some kind of vision or mystical experience where they know that they know they need to obey him and take certain action. And then there is all the rest of us that God just gives this nagging feeling to that won’t go away, that feels more like a desire. For some reason, desires can go in the box marked, “flesh” rather than really just acknowledged as a “SPIRIT”.

Let me assure you, whether your having dreams, visions about writing a book or just that plain won’t go away feeling the way I did, this is definitely the Holy Spirit wanting to use you as a conduit to glorify Christ. So, it’s important that you yield to this, the same way you would yield to God asking you to deal with some aspect of your flesh. More importantly, this is why some people talk about writing a book to their spouse and friends for years but never actually produce one. It’s because they are waiting for some kind of affirmation or permission but here’s what I really have seen it be in so many people’s lives. Like me, they are afraid to really put their identity out there for people to inspect because all deep down most of us are afraid of getting found out that we really don’t have what it takes.

The first book I wrote was terrible. I had a friend of mine who was an English teacher go through it with a red pen and I cried reading her comments. But here’s the thing. With a bit of focus and tweaking, that book is still my foundational leadership training team and program. The bottom line is if God has spoken to you about this, it is now about what God wants to use you for and not whether you feel like writing it or you think it’s the right or wrong time. It’s about you stepping into a place and position where you can be used as a conduit for God’s message.

Here are 5 reason’s you need to get started writing a book today:

1. Writing a book is not about you. It’s about WHO God is sending you to transform, so write that book now so you stop delaying the purposes of God on your life. 

I believe this is why most people who say, “I’m going to write a book someday”, never get it done. It’s because it’s still about them. When you have a revelation that the Lord is trying to activate you to bring him glory, you will find the time to get up at 4am if you have to write, bump the lunches so you can write while you are at work and otherwise do what you have to do to make this a reality.  You will be able to push through the fear of the whole thing being a complete failure because you now have become OBEDIENT and now it’s up to God on what to do with it.

2.  Writing the book will force you to identify your BOLDEST IDENTITY zone. This is the place you are most anointed to serve people in.

I just spoke at the Georgia Christian Counselors Association about growing extra income streams through developing their own books. Here’s what I see happen again and again. We all have resurrection stories that glorify Christ and lead people to HIM. There is anointing on your testimony because it is the work of the Holy Spirit in your life. When you take the time to harness this and give your audience a step-by-step system for break-through, the results are BOLD. It’s because your brokeness is the place God wants to use, not your knowledge. This is why you don’t have to worry about it being too simple.

3.  Writing the book is about God using you now in the small things. In your closest friendships, in your neighborhood and in your city.

Holy Cow. Don’t even get me started here with the amount of professional speaking friends I have whose big city published books are sitting in their garage affecting NO ONE. People, you don’t have to be published by super nova Christian book publisher to begin transforming people’s lives. Thank the Lord I didn’t come under that mentality and I just got started with what I had in my hands, which was favor from a local business man AFTER I WROTE THE BOOK. (I still use him today) Let’s be clear, your book is about GOD touching people not fame, fortune and the big bucks you will make. Yes, you will make money coaching and speaking with your books. But don’t delay because you can’t figure out what publishing company to use or you’re afraid of rejection!

4. Writing down your strategies will make you such a better communicator. You will feel so thankful that you took that leap of faith to develop your own content. 

There is no better feeling than looking back over the places that Satan has kicked your butt with and getting the satisfaction of seeing the Lord lifted high 100 times for all the 10 times that the devil stole from you. WOOT! It’s a beautiful, overcoming, dance in the living room, sing in the car, your victory song! There is something so powerful that happens when you take that thought that has been floating around in your heart and head and you put it down on paper. It comes to life and now it can be multiplied. Many times I have written a blog, someone saw it and then invited me to speak on the subject. It really is true that you will magnetize to you what you develop the clarity for, if you share it consistently, it will get even bigger.

5. It will be one of the most fulfilling things you have ever done and you will look back and THANK GOD for the grace he gave you to get it out of you. 

When I look at the transformation that God has brought my clients through my books, I am so humbled by his grace. Every time I hand a new manual to a client or mail one-off to Australia, Canda or the UK,  I pause and say, “Only you Oh, Lord”. And we all know this, but only God can take the simple things and give people profound, life altering deliverance with it. I don’t want to ever be the kind of person who is looking back and wondering what it would have been like to obey God fully. I want the whole adventure. Risk, success and failure. Obey God and start writing your book. Let me know below, what you will be writing on!


  • Mary Wolski · Atlanta, Georgia

    Transitions 4 Life… God Speaks thru Winds of Change! Relationships 4 Life… It’s Time 4 Love!
    Twisted… in the Name of Love, God, and Money.
    Healing Catholicism… Confessions of a Cradle Catholic.
    These 4 Books are currently in the works and in various stages of completion. It’s all a matter of Opening my Mind to Believing, Receiving, and Achieving God’s Meaning in my Message.
  • Angela Karum · New Tribes Bible Institute

    “Writing a book is not about you. It’s about WHO God is sending you to transform” – Love this! Thank you!
  • Anita Albert Watson 

    Becky, just wanted to quickly let you know that I think you are awesome. I love your straight to the point, authentic, God-first approach in everything you do. Kingdom blessings!

  • Mark Foster · Founding and Senior Minister at Acts 2 – United Methodist Church

    Great discernment process for church planters
  • Lenez Ward 

    Your post was extremely intriguing to me. I write and speak constantly by His leading and seeding in me. Mind you, I hated doing both growing up as a child. I have thought about writing a book or books for some time. There are multiple titles for multiple books or chapters for one book. I have journals from decades of writing about personal life issues, mental health, family, personal relationships, spiritual growth & development, marriage, separation, widowhood, death , grief, My ourney with Jehovah, etc.

Boundaries With Your Time

How To Reset Them If People Cancel On You Frequently


Setting great boundaries with your time is important if you want to feel valued and significant to others. However, what do you do when you have grown emotionally and maybe one or two of the people you still have in your friend or business circle are in an old identity and don’t know they are being difficult or aren’t willing to change?

It’s helpful first to understand what the “kingdom” is within you. You see, it’s not this ethereal realm that is mystical for only the super-spiritual people who God really loves. Simply put, whatever you have ability to decide yes or no with… is your effectual rule.  Ultimately, boundaries are meant to protect your heart and the people under your influence. If you want to influence people authentically, this is a very important revelation for you.

We alone are responsible through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to place boundary stones in pleasant places. It is your identity in Christ to live a significant and successful life but only if you consistently enforce it. If you make commitments and break them frequently, now you are perceived as an inconsistent person and you lose influence and credibility.

 Next, as you grow, one of the situations you might encounter is  people around you becoming fearful that you are going to abandon them if you experience more success. Most of the time, fear and insecurity will manifest as sarcasm, snarkiness, passive control or even individuals cutting you off relationally if you set boundaries that challenge them.

Here’s a couple ways to reset boundaries with grace. 

1. It is up to you to help them understand, that there will be no pay-out with you from this point forward. Remember, you can never EXPECT people to get about you “identity-wise” if you don’t COMMUNICATE and ENFORCE it every-time. Sometimes we think we are very clear with people when the truth is, our actions are not lining up with the identity we profess. It’s not enough to tell people where you would like, you have to teach them by your consistent actions.

The first thing to do in this case is go before God when you are not stressed and determine the 3 to 5 boundaries that you are not willing to compromise on.  The last thing you want to do is sabotage yourself by backing down and creating a situation where the person expects you to not follow through on what you say you are going to do. When I working with my private clients, I usually keep them at 3 core boundaries as your aim is to reframe the one house, not build a whole new subdivision in one document.

For example, if you feel like this friend or client is habitually making commitments and then backs out at the last minute, you can see that they probably don’t value themselves or their time very well.  When you reschedule to do something with them without bringing up the first situation where they didn’t honor your time, you have now taught them that this is an acceptable pattern for you. So, here’s how to do with grace. When you schedule the second event with them, tell them that you really value spending time with them but you would appreciate it 8 hours before you are supposed to get together with them, they would text you or confirm by email that the meeting is still on. If they do not text you and you really like them, text them and ask them if you are still on. If they do not respond, you do not head out for this appointment. If they show up and blame you, simply state what the expectations were with confirming the times. And, consider that this is not a person you want in your close friend circle or professional relationship as they will not be consistent with their word in small things. If people can’t be consistent and execute on small things, they will not execute on what’s important to you or them. This is not an individual that will help you birth your dreams.

2.  Begin by telling the individuals around you that you are so excited about creating a thriving, peaceful and stable life.  This means you have to do the work to clarify your goals and vision for the next one to five years. Dig down into developing a vision that will cause you to joy and then start smiling and praying about it daily. That’s faith. I would even include in this vision what kind of people you want to partner with and how you will recognize them when they come into your life. You have to be practical when you reset boundaries. For example, they will tell you how much they appreciate spending time with you by being punctual:). Once you have done the internal work, then watch yourself become more confident and you will begin to attract more of these kind of people into your life rather than the one’s that sabotage you.

3. Decide what kind of friend and business partner you’re going to be for other people now that you don’t like the old identity.  Up your leadership by requiring from yourself what you want in a friend. It’s biblical. And don’t cut yourself slack. If you want loyal friends who can speak the truth to you in love, then be that for them. If people are struggling with people pleasing or rejection sometimes this prevents them from communicating when their feelings or hurt. Write a list of WHO you are identity wise and choose to build a bold identity. Here’s a couple I require from myself.

I am: someone who prioritizes prayer, I am fit, I laugh at myself, I am surrounded by faithful, loyal, successful women and men. I value giving back and serve fully and to be the best of my ability, when I make a mistake, I say I am sorry. I value relationships over being right. I finish what I start. I eat the fruit of my labor. (Feel free to go on and on:) 

You can rearrange boundaries with grace. Just remember, when you grow into a more successful identity,  it can be threatening to other people. You will create a tension and people will be forced into two positions. They will either have to disconnect from you because they are not willing to accept this new change in you or best case scenario they will choose to grow themselves and affirm the new identity God is working in your life. Do not hold back rearranging the boundaries that bring you joy because you are afraid people will not like the new you. God will send you new friends, trust me! He did it for me and he will do it for you!

Love, Bec:)
Becky Harmon