Men: 3 Keys To Gain More Respect In Your Marriage

Submission Vs. Stupidity

Today’s coaching comes from a post that blew up my page on Facebook and got over 100 likes, 25 shares and obviously hit a nerve that we need to talk more about in the church.

It’s the word: SUBMISSION. Now, for the record, Jay and I have been married for almost 30 years, have raised 4 mustangs (everyone else has regular children). I birthed 4 pioneers, who had difficult transitions through teenage years and each pioneered their callings through ALOT of tension. We have 3 boys and 1 girl and even my daughter who was a straight A, now a worship pastor, had an rollercoaster young adult experience. There were times when Jay and I wondered why we were getting the amount of spiritual warfare we were and then, honestly didn’t see eye to eye on how to handle all the parenting issues that came up. ( Just being real). And when I don’t agree, I pray and then I communicate it clearly as I believe in SUBMISSION BUT NOT STUPIDITY. Now, hope that didn’t make you blow a gasket but here’s the point of today’s post.

Obviously we need to tweak the way we teach on submission in the body of Christ if our divorce rate is equal to the world. I believe in delegated authority. However, what I want to talk with you is a LEADERSHIP issue, because here’s the truth, the biggest mistakes I have seen in marriage’s that ended in divorce or blown up teams are leaders who didn’t take FULL ownership of the results.

Women are commanded biblically to respect just as men are commanded to love but there are practical things you can do to make your wife feel more secure in your leadership and create respect in times of tension. Look at it like this. You’re running a mini- corporation or a SEAL military team. The family needs to be operating a peak performance to navigate the warfare you’re going to get from our culture. Your wife is your sniper who can take out the enemy if you listen to deeply to her. Remember: She’s your HELPER, (means you listen to the helper). So, let’s read this together:

Ephesians 5:25-33 The Message

Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church~ a love marked by giving, not getting. Christ’s love makes the church whole. His words evoke her beauty. EVERYTHING he DOES AND SAYS is designed to bring the BEST out of her, dressing her in dazzling white silk, radiant with holiness. And that his how husbands ought to love their wives. They’re really doing themselves a favor`since they’re already “one” in marriage. No one abuses his own body, does he? No, he feeds and PAMPERS it. That’s how Christ treats us, the church, since we are part of the body.

3 Keys To Make Your Wife Respect YOUR Leadership

  1. When you go to make a decision that you think your wife will have a different opinion on, do this: Pray~ Father, I am trying to make the best decision I can but I want you to know I am open to doing it differently. Ask him to confirm to you through your wife if this is a good direction. Then go to your wife, and tell her I HAVE BEEN PRAYING ABOUT THIS and I WANT YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS. This is going to produce multiple things for you as a leader. First, your wife is going to feel more secure that you’re praying about decisions that impact her and the kids. Second, she’s going to feel valued that you asked her opinion before you plowed ahead.
  2. If she disagrees with decision, tell her: Thank you, I hadn’t seen that side of it, I am going to go back to God now (or talk to another leader about this before executing) and see if this is the right decision. The biggest mistakes are made when you are isolated, you have no male friends to run any decision’s by and you’re trying to lead into new territory with no “intel” (you’re not reading books on the topic/talking to your sources who might know the territory better or otherwise you’re just hoping you’re going to be successful with literally no training, preparation or advanced weaponery (prayer). If men looked at their marriages and families with a military perspective, they would be much more willing to get additional support in difficult seasons in their family. YOUR IN A WAR. THE ENEMY WANTS TO KILL YOU. YOUR MARRIAGE. YOUR CHILDREN. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE as Patton would say.
  3. Take ownership of the results in your marriage and your family.  This isn’t just a marriage tip though it will make your wife BRAG on your leadership, it’s a business teaming tip. Leadership means YOU OWN THE RESULTS no matter what happened or what goes wrong.  That’s why most people don’t build successful long-term visions. It’s not your wife’s fault, its not your kids fault. It’s not the ministry or business team that was not cooperating or rebellious. It’s your ability to pray and lead effectively. Everything rises and falls on your leadership.  Leadership is being willing to be evaluated, taking ownership when things go wrong without shift blaming and changing your style if what you’re doing isn’t working. You don’t need a year to examine your results. Sometimes Jay and I could see results from a decision in 2 days, sometimes 2 months. Jay has always been willing to change what isn’t working which has made me trust him more even during times when things seemed like they were going south.

Bottom line. We don’t want to be ordinary Christian leaders. We want to finish strong and win the war our culture is in. To win, you’re going to have to be willing to be different which is why I create teams and communities instead of just selling my coaching. If you need a team to help you create higher mindsets and accountability, join the Bold Identity team. Mean while, a great book I recommend on ownership that Jay bought for us to read is Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead And Win. Next blog, I will be talking to the women on their part in the leadership equation! Let me know what you think!

Love, Bec:)

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The Anointing: How To Get It

The anointing

The anointing is “Christian speak” for an increased zone of faith and focused power that is obviously above normal.  It’s an authority (natural and supernatural) someone carries that is so strong that even without education, titles or other outward signs of common success, people recognize there is something very different and significant about their work.

What I love about the anointing is it makes people who don’t even believe in the Lord or what you have to say from a faith perspective, think to themselves…”Hmmm. I don’t know what I think about this, this is not normal, God could be in this.”

Here’s a great example of the anointing flowing in Peter and John’s life.

Acts 4:13

Now as they observed the confidence of Peter and John and understood that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed, and began to recognize them as having been with Jesus.

Here’s something super encouraging! Every one of us has an anointing that has been given to us to establish our identity and secure us in Christ. 

1 John 2:27

But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

However, if you want to move from a place of security to providing people with tangible transformation, you are going to have to pay a higher price in discipline and consecration. Because there is no glorification of Christ without suffering or advancement of the gospel. This has nothing to do with your salvation but rather equipping you at a higher level for the work of the ministry within your vocation.

Let me repeat that. The work to create the separation and confirmation from God is going to come through you being willing to accept the discipline of the Holy Spirit into your life so that you are separated as someone who walks closely with God.  When this begins to happen, you receive favor that is beyond normal and you rest in a position that has been hand carved for you.

To be anointed means you have been graced to serve in a very specific way and with tangible power. You have been willing to stay disciplined and obey God in the tests he has given you. Here’s what I want you to know about the anointing:

  1. You cannot carry an anointing of God on your life if you are not a man/woman who knows the word of God, worships God weekly and lives a life of prayer. You can be excellent at what you do but you cannot carry an anointing of God that breaks demonic strongholds. That’s what the anointing is for, it’s a force that confronts darkness.
  2. Testing to carry the anointing is different than what the Bible describes as trials. Trials refine our faith and come to all Christians. The anointing is an invitation given by God in a particular season of your life that is to affirm, release you into greater promotion and give you a boldness in order to send you as a messenger.  For example, Jesus was called into the wilderness to be tried, the apostles were told to pray and wait for the baptism of the Holy Spirit so they could carry the anointing on them as they were being sent to pioneer the church.
  3. If you want to prepare yourself to carry the anointing, you must be willing to begin to seek God for it, become a disciplined person with your time and your body and start surrounding yourself with a team because you’re getting ready to be sent. God always sends people out in teams.

Any questions? Be more than happy to answer them, just post them below.

Becky Harmon



How To Identify Your Ideal Client

Courage Leads To Clarity

How to identify your ideal client

There are so many Christians who tell me they want to get paid to speak, write, coach or be an expert in their field—but without identifying your ideal client or audience, you won’t be able to be profitable doing what you love and what God has called you to do.

Stepping into your boldest identity zones and calling for your business is quite a journey, and it starts with a lot of ground work. Proverbs 18:16 says, “A man’s (woman’s) gift…brings him/her before great men” (NKJV). The biggest thing I want you to know today as you begin this process is you won’t have perfect clarity so you have to move forward FIRST with courage. You will gain the clarity through the work like this I am giving you but courage is what you need first to launch. Most Christians just get stuck on this first step because they keep waiting on God to drop down some kind of open door for speaking, writing or coaching.

Your business won’t grow because you have a good heart, love God and pray hard. It will grow because you discover what specific results you can produce for people and they will pay you for that. So, the faith and courage is what launches you out into your calling. The business work is what makes you grow.

As you do this consistently and faithfully, you are now positioned to walk in your higher purpose and greater calling. On a side note this is often where you get greater spiritual warfare because you are impacting lives for Christ through your leadership and business.

These are all steps that are completely normal and necessary if you are going to want to get paid as a Christian speaker, coach, writer, public figure.

Narrow Down Your Boldest Identity Zones

What subjects could I teach on with passion and enthusiasm? When you begin to talk about this subject do people sit up and pay attention? Write down 5 to 10 topics that you could talk about passionately. Circle your top 3 in red as possible bold identity zones. You want to narrow yourself down to three and stay focused on these. Are these 3 zones ones that you could spend 15 to 45 minutes a day acquiring more knowledge in, investing money into growing, and developing content around? If you can answer yes to this and you’re willing to do the work to move into being an expert in that realm, move forward into the next step.

Identify Who You Get Great Results With

Who specifically do I get the BEST results with? Male or female? Professional? Entrepreneurs? High performance people? What is there approx age? Where do they live?  Are they single? Married? What do they do for fun? What causes do they give to? What kind of clubs do they belong to? Where do they vacation? Do they go to church? How do they spend money?

Identify Your Strengths

Ask yourself the following question: What do I love to talk about or do that will set me apart from my competition? Your goal for this step is to find out your “bold zone” that people will talk about and that you will even get referrals for. Bold prayer is this zone for me. It set me apart naturally as it was something that was a very strong part of my identity. I want to encourage you to not worry about mixing “God” and your business. BE YOU and BE YOU BOLDLY IN YOUR BRANDING.

Who will pay with gratefulness for what you do?

How can you create packages, programs and products to serve at multiple levels? What will your price range be and what exactly can you provide in an over the top way to ensure you are going to be talked about and referred in a great way?

Do The Work To Build Credibility 

When you are an unknown figure and have no established platform such as television, radio or a book you have published, you have to create it yourself. The easiest way to do this is through a website, weekly and monthly service offerings, building a list and creating products so that you develop name brand recognition. What happens eventually is by being faithful to steward all of this, your circle of influence is enlarged and you are possibly given an open door with the media or larger audiences.

The bottom line is your core values, your leadership and what you want to accomplish mission-wise for your audience is what your brand rotates around. WHO YOU are and what you want to produce in their lives. Your business brand is just an extension of who you are in your personal life. The tighter identity work you do in your personal leadership, the better your branding clarity will be.  Enjoy your branding work! Comments and questions welcomed!

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon

Transformational Leadership


transformational leadership

Transformational leadership can be seen when leaders and followers work together to move to a higher level of morality and vision. Transformational leaders serve through their strongest identity zones and by communicating boldly with grace, the expectations, so that the whole team goes to a higher level of purpose.

There are generally four parts to a transformational leader’s identity:

  • The leader models what he or she is asking the team to grow into
  • The leader can motivate those around them consistently
  • The leader carries a genuine concern for the team members
  • The leader asks for a high degree of ownership to be creative and excel.

Sabotage: A lack of bold communication will dilute the strength of transformational leadership. Many times people suppress challenging others on their team because they have wrong mindsets about what being “respectful” or “submissive” is and is not. Women even more so can confuse respect with NO COMMUNICATION. As in if I love him or want to honor him, I won’t challenge him to more.

Masculinity in it’s essence, challenges you to BECOME MORE and ACCOMPLISH MORE. It’s strength, discipline, correction, vision casting. Men associate RESPECT with CHALLENGE. They think if you really see something in them potential wise, then you will call them up to the plate and ask them to do bigger, harder and bolder things!

Feminine essence loves unconditionally, soothes and nurtures. It’s beauty, attractiveness, unity, laughter, unpredictability, go with the flow.  So essentially most women are more comfortable with feminine attributes in leadership.

But here’s the truth about the transformational leadership.  It’s not effective without strong vision casting and consistent challenge.

SUCCESS: If you want to tap into transformational leadership, you must be willing to call people up to the plate in a bigger way.  Which means that you must be walking your own talk. So, that is where transformational leadership will always begin. With you. Challenge people to more but always begin by examining your own identity for places that you are diluting your vision. This will always begin with your personal leadership model that you keep in place daily.

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon


Don’t Sabotage Yourself By Muting

Instead TURN IT UP!

I can’t believe this ever came out of my mouth but it did. In today’s video I am going to tell you what I actually said and the grace God gave me to overcome that so I could stay in my boldest identity zones and multiply by the grace of God!

Love, Bec:)

Steward Your Courage! Here’s How!

Many times people don’t realize how much they DILUTE their own BOLDNESS. Courage has to be stewarded. In today’s video I talk to you about how to invest in building up your own identity and not minimizing it!

Love, Bec:)

3 Signs Of An Identity Shift

It's Not What You Think


Your going to be hearing a lot more about the word identity this year.

Donald Trump — dismissed by GOP leaders for months as an arrogant TV celebrity who would commit political suicide, has essentially rebranded the Republican party in his own voice. If he gets the nomination, we are going to watch for the first time in the history, a national (possibly global)  level identity make-over.

The word “identity” is talked about a lot in Christian circles from the perspective of WHO you are in Christ as well as in the the business realm from a branding perspective. But let me tell you what that looks like spiritually and practically in your personal leadership first. When you build a new identity, it’s typically in the middle of chaos and it comes across edgy. It’s often times misunderstood by people and labeled “pride”. I am not defending Donald Trump discussing his private man parts on national television, I am simply telling you facts about identity shifts.

I grew up in an alcoholic home, decided to major in Criminology in college, and then launched into homeschooling though I had no teaching experience. Left Tallahassee to church plant with a team to Atlanta with no experience in ministry, had to go to work with no experience in sales after my husband experienced a lay-off and we tapped our savings, (made the top sales team in 8 months), then had an identity theft for a million dollars when that was going well when we were stabling out financially.  Started running and finished a half and full marathon in one year to re-take my mental clarity with no experience as a runner, and with no television experience was asked to do TV commercials and be a spokesperson for a leading identity company in the middle of that. Left that to pioneer my own successful international coaching company right at the beginning of the second worst recession since the depression with ZERO money and no marketing experience. Grew it from nothing after I was told by bunches of “Master level” coaches I would never be successful building a brand out of my own identity and message.  Developed three coaching systems, three teams and run a profitable company to this day that grows yearly with no “success experience”. 

So, I can tell you a thing a two about creating new successful identities and rebranding, if you feel like God has called you to do ministry through your business. And you’re like me…you have no experience with “business sense”.

 YOU DON’T NEED EXPERIENCE for identity shifts. YOU NEED BOLDNESS TO STEWARD WHAT’S IN YOUR HAND UNTIL IT GROWS. Leaders lead and pioneer before everyone else.

When you are given the OPPORTUNITY for an identity shift, it’s typically hidden in the midst of loss, confusion and chaotic atmospheres.  Every giant of the faith biblically had to move forward with nothing but an opportunity laid out before them. It was in the midst of tension and loss.  You also might have to make a very quick decisions about new friendship circles and alliances risking the unknown. What people will think about you? People who are insecure connected with your old identity, might not like you executing this fast and may even try to slow you down by second guessing you. or insinuating you are prideful and unappreciative when you attempt to move to something bigger leadership wise.

Secondly, you will receive an invitation or strategy for the one next step. You will absolutely NOT receive the whole plan and what the new identity will mean for you. So many people hold back at this point, trying to work out of their intellectual realm rather. Identity shifts are NOT logical, they are divinely orchestrated.  The invitation will have to be accepted and you will have to step out in faith. You will have to pay a cost financially or in the form of tension in your current relationships. Sometimes both. This is to bring you to place of dependence on God so he can define your identity in a deeper way. You will have to let go of old support to receive the new people God will bring to you.

Thirdly, a new identity means you are going to receive more authority and influence, IF you keep your leadership model tight and don’t compromise. This is where many people don’t make the transition. They compromise on the core values that got them to the shift because tension and spiritual warfare comes to test your new authority. Your leadership model is what you put into place daily in order to keep you focused and processing stress so you can keep growing.

Or they don’t understand what true loyalty really is. The bottom line is new identities are created in the spirit realm first. Inwardly in your inner man. Then when you agree with WHO God is calling you to become so he can use you as he desires to, you begin to be given the strategies on a practical level in order to move to the bigger identity.

Pioneering is not for everyone. There is a cost you will pay to see lives impacted for the kingdom and to be released into your calling. However, there is a zone, I call it the BOLD identity zone that you will enter that releases a grace and power into your life that nothing can compare to. If you want more teaching on this, I will be doing a FREE call this month (For one night only) and you can sign up for that here. 

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon

How To Stay Bold During Tough Decisions

In one minute I break down for you how to stay in your boldest identity zone during tough decision making processes.

So many times people don’t realize that when they change their minds due to the fear of man, they compromise their AUTHENTICITY level. Do this and don’t let that be YOU!

Love, Bec:)

P.S. Let me know what you think!

What Forgiveness Is And What It Isn’t

what forgiveness is and what it isn't

Standing in the Christian book store, I feel a wave of panic as I see the spiritual leader who had overseen me at a “grace-retreat”. I had a huge meltdown over the weekend and to say the least, I did not have a good experience which had probably really been disappointing.

This person spots me, and so I just walk up and apologize for the part I played in it not going well.  I was  7 month’s pregnant when I attended and gone into pre-term labor directly following. I had been on complete bedrest for month’s and had not been out in public since so I was shocked when I heard this come out of the person’s mouth. “Becky, I prayed about the whole incident and God told me to not forgive you”. I am a pretty new Christian but somehow that didn’t seem like something God would say so I just walked away shaking my head, knowing I had done my part to apologize.

Over the years I have seen many Pastors and and clients misunderstand what forgiveness is and what it isn’t. This is important for you to understand as related to your calling and purpose so you want to get this right as it can result in SUCCESS or a big sabotage for you!

One reason we resist forgiving is that it makes us feel very vulnerable emotionally. Most of us assume that if we forgive the person who hurt us, then we are at risk again of being victimized by them again. This is not the case at all so let’s talk about how to forgive and reconcile through difficult relational issues.

What Forgiveness Is

Forgiveness is a decision to move forward whether anyone else is with you or not. The truth is bitterness locks you into an old identity, constantly rehearsing and focusing on the past. What you could’ve done differently, what should’ve happened. What they did to you. How unjust it really was. How undeserved and disrespectful.  It’s like watching a game of football, someone calling a time out and the clock is stopped. Forgiveness, starts the game moving forward again and puts you in the position to take the ball over the goal line.

Forgiveness is being willing to process through the pain God’s way. Now, there’s plenty of ways to process through pain. Drugs, food, alcohol, rage but forgiveness is getting to the root of of all that so that you can you begin to heal. The world’s way of processing pain actually layers you down into more denial, bondage and separation from God and man. Forgiveness actually releases the power of God into your life to RESTORE what has been broken and bring you into a place of purpose and calling. Yes, by forgiving you are aligning yourself to be blessed and overflowing into your PURPOSE.

It’s keeping your heart tender and risking pain so that you can trust God rather than harden it and you protect yourself. Forgiveness is painful but it brings a refreshing and strengthening to your vision after you heal.

What Forgiveness Isn’t

Forgiveness is not giving in to whatever the offender says or how they want to treat you. A matter of fact, you can forgive AND ask for certain stipulations to be met in order to keep the relationship/communication intact in the case of a marriage or divorce. If you feel battered emotionally, you probably are, but you still need to forgive and then set up boundaries to make sure you ask for what you want to see happen.

Forgiveness isn’t admitting you were wrong and the offender was right. It’s simply acknowledging that you are ready to move on.

Forgiveness is not reconciliation. Reconciliation is to give God more glory. It’s almost the icing on the cake of a healed heart. It is God saying to you. I am proud of you for forgiving. Now I am going to give you the opportunity for you to experience the my supernatural restorative power. It manifests as a result of who God wants to send you to serve and to witness to them his calling on your life. That you walk your talk.  I want to share with you the story of Corrie Ten Boom on forgiving her Nazi prison guard. It is a great example of this principle. This experience gave Corrie and even greater platform to speak and influence people for Christ.

Individuals who withhold forgiveness do so because it gives them some degree of power as they don’t feel like they have been able to recover or move forward in a successful way. It’s really straight forward just like Corrie Ten Boom’s experience. If someone asks you to forgive them, always choose to forgive. If not, you are going to stay stuck and never step into the higher purposes of God for your life.

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon

How To Become An Overcomer

Change your identity in one year or less

how to overcome

Not everyone knows this about my coaching business but I had an ID theft in 2005 and so I had no money and I had to build everything from the ground up with creative marketing idea’s. After my identity theft for that much money, I was even more convinced that God had called me to help people get set free through their identity in Christ so there was no backing down for me and I share this so that it can activate your faith to see what God can do for you!

This is a long post but a heart felt one. Debbie joined the Bold Identity Team about 2 months ago. (8 weeks) and has been so great about posting her homework consistently. This is from week 1 (Yesterday’s work~Building a consistent prayer identity).

I wanted to share this with you for those of you who are not clear on WHO you will become in a short amount of time. These are typical results for our team not exaggerated one’s. We have grown from clients telling friends and family how their life changed in under one year from the power of the BOLD mindset training we do and the power of praying weekly with a team.

Here’s Debbie’s thoughts literally cut and pasted out of the team with no edits from me. I did want you to see what I italicized so I could explain something to you at the end. 

This is the 2nd go around for me and I’ve already experienced a lot of changes. I am consistently getting up to do a Bible Study, but not at 5am like I originally wanted to. Sometimes it’s more like 6 or 7. My alarm is set for 5am again. I use that time to read & study His Word and listen to Worship music & His voice. I have found that the best place for this is sitting propped up in bed. When I take my morning shower is usually when I hear His voice the clearest. Before this course, I had actually invested in a waterproof notepad I had put in there to take notes!
My husband’s snoring has been an issue that had been keeping me awake. He has since set up a hammock in a different room that he can go sleep in if need be. It’s working, and thankfully he isn’t out there that often. We are still happily married. 🙂

To make a long story short, my family & I prayed that the Lord would go before me at my next meeting. I got formalized training this past weekend in a certain type of massage & the Lord gave me an idea. Spiritual warfare hit the morning of the next meeting. My blood sugar levels were too high and it took a bit to get them down. Then I got stuck in a big traffic jam on the interstate, putting me 20 min late. However, God is not late and I ended up sitting at the head of the table at the meeting so I could see everyone. We all give an “elevator” speech each time we meet, and when I gave mine, I passed around a sign up sheet for anyone who wanted a free, 40 min massage. I needed a minimum of 3 to complete my certification and I got 8! My competitor was nowhere to be seen that day. Thank you, Lord! I get my certification, people get an amazing massage experience, trusting I will get more referrals from this, & my faith & trust in the Lord that He’s got this business just grew a wee bit more. It was a good day that has turned into a busy week.

The busy week leads me to say I just started a method that is helping me block my time better in my calendar so I can better balance family/business time. The first change was using a paper calendar as well as my iPad. I now use a highlighter to block 2 hour time slots that I’m available for family, business, etc. It also helps me to see that I truly am getting things accomplished and to not beat myself up for “not doing enough”.

I also had the privilege of doing a Facetime chat with a national sales director for Mary Kay. She had been a keynote speaker at one of our networking events and I had emailed her afterward to see if I could take her to lunch. She was already out of town so we did the online chat where she gave me some extremely helpful tips for my business even though we are in different industries. I’ve already seen a difference in my efficiency & stress levels. Before this course, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to contact her. I’m so glad I did!

I’ve also started leading a small group of key leaders in my business team. Before I would’ve left it up to my mentors, but now I’m just doing it. 

All this leads me back to my vision board I created last time. I still pray over it and study it, especially when things get tough. The reason “why” is so key to getting past obstacles. Like Rebecca A., I’m noticing that some things may need to be tweaked. I have been thinking for awhile now that I need a new laptop & finally it dawned on me I need to find a picture of a laptop to stick on there. Sometimes it can just be the little things. I’m noticing that I’m already accomplishing things on there or they are in progress, such as working out & getting fit (I’ve been very consistent in my exercise).

Thank you, Becky Harmon  for providing this course. I’m finding it invaluable to my growth & development as a leader & to the future development of leaders around me. ~ Debbie M. 

  1. 1. We rotate through 8 weeks of training for only $47.00 a month. I created the program to cycle like this for literally under $100.00 because people need months and up to a year to actually have their identity solidify. Bet no one told you that. This is why people get breakthroughs’ and lose them. Accountability in a team keeps you focused until your CONFIDENT in your leadership and that you won’t lose your SUCCESS.
  2. We encourage you to try and try again if you fail with no condemnation.  Which you will. Bet no one told you that either. When you have been in a limited identity for decades it’s normal to fail. But on our team, we remind you of who you are and then force you to lead. Nothing like having other people dependent on you to cause you to step up to the plate in lining up what you SAY you’re going to do with what you actually execute on.
  3. When you commit to building a new identity, you’re going to get spiritual warfare. We pray over our team EVERY WEEK. You’re going to renew your mindsets and get SLATHERED in prayer while you do it. Need prayer? Post it in our team and you have the whole team praying for you INSTANTLY.
  4. We are going to challenge you to become the leader you claim you want to be. That means vision casting, blocking your time and researching how to be more effective in your leadership instead of why you can’t be successful. We call up to the plate WITH LOVE!
  5. You’re going to take bigger and bolder actions after joining our team and have supernatural breakthroughs. We see it all the time. Lives changed and God will get the glory in your life.
  6.  You’re going to start seeing yourself at a higher level of leadership because you’re going to realize WHO you really are. You won’t hold back anymore because you’re afraid of failing. It’s true.
  7. Lastly, we are going to help you vision cast. I provide you with TONS of EXTRA TRAINING and we help you put it into practice!

What are you waiting for? We have a Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied! Join the BOLD IDENTITY TEAM and we introduce you that day into our Facebook team! Get READY TO GO BOLD with DEBBIE!

Love, Bec:)

Becky Harmon