Confrontation Done SUCCESSFULLY

And How Not To Sabotage During Correction

Confrontation done successfully means you do it strategically. No one likes to confront others about their attitude, behavior or decisions. It can sometimes make you feel like you’re being judgmental or prideful. However, it’s actually your identity in Christ to bring correction into people’s life. Jesus did. He pointed out the problem and then left […]

Foundations For Coaching Profits

And one that will sabotage you if you're not careful

Becky Harmon, Identity Expert

One of things that really attracted me to Christian coaching was that I was would experience ON GOING personal growth. I was going to be positioned for continuous breakthrough and that I would be able to reap financially from doing what I loved for a living. One of the quickest ways to build success is to simply follow […]

Black Lives Matter And How To Start Solving Big Problems

Video 2 in a series

Whenever you go to solve problems, these two keys are essential to success. In this video, I talk about the  mindsets necessary to solve big problems and the kingdom principle that enables you to become a giant slayer in your generation. Loving you and standing with you for TRUTH and GRACE to be released in […]

Writers Block Can Be Spiritual Warfare

How to solve it and keep writing

Writers block can actually be spiritual warfare if you are attempting to transform lives through Christ.  . Many times people do not realize how deeply entrenched their defense mechanisms are until they go to produce their own coaching systems, blogs, books or even speak.  I have seen many times at my Bold Messengers Summit,  people get […]

6 Tips On Attracting Positive People

And naturally repelling those who thrive on negativity!

6 Tips On Guarding Your Heart & Vision

Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of great relationships and receive support for their vision. Some people don’t understand that they ATTRACT the identity they project to others. So, if you thrive on talking about other people in order to make yourself feel more powerful. Guess what? You are inadvertently sabotaging your own credibility. If […]

5 Tips For Launching A Life Coaching Business

  Before you move forward into becoming a Life Coach or speaker which I have to tell you is one of the most amazing and fulfilling callings, I want to offer you some thoughts to consider BEFORE launching. When people come to me and they want to grow their own consulting or coaching practice, they […]

Striving Vs. Wrestling

How To Know The Difference

In this video I talk and pray with you about the difference between striving and wrestling when you are going to birth a bigger vision. So many times people quit because they don’t want to move out a “grace” zone and they feel like they are striving when in reality they are WRESTLING like Jacob […]

3 Tips on HOW To Be Still For More Power In Your Life

The Strength You Need To See Your Promises Fulfilled

  Entering into the promises that God has for you means STILLNESS becomes part of your identity. This coupled with strategic work is what releases God to give you the vision and perseverance you need to move into your greater purpose. Waiting on God is actually what helps you guard the energy you need for […]