How To Pray For Your Children

Pushing Past Condemnation & Praying For Maturity

Today, I wanted to share a little of my journey as a mother of 4 on how to pray for your children and overcome condemnation if you feel like, looking back, you didn’t do all that great a job. I just wanted to be real with you about the spiritual battles behind Christian coaching and […]

How To Set Boundaries

One Mindset You Want To Avoid

If you want to grow a successful coaching business, you absolutely have to know how to set boundaries in your personal and work relationships.  If not,  you will leak out your spiritual authority and influence. All promotion in the kingdom of God comes from understanding when to submit to each other and when to resist […]

How To Win Friends and Influence People On Social Media

SUCCESS Strategies From Dale Carnegie With Practical Post Examples

Would you like to learn how to win friends and influence people on social media? A substantial part of being successful as a Christian coach and speaker is being able to equip people to take action. You can begin to build credibility as a leader (even with no existing “expert” status) by using social media, […]

Discover Your Core Identity On Social Media

Part 1: Success Tips For Personal & Brand Influence

When I first started out in coaching, I certainly didn’t know my core identity on social media or understand how to influence people with it.  Truthfully, I looked at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites as more like a distraction.  So I want to share with you a couple statistics about why using social […]

Spiritual Authority Vs. The Science Of Getting Rich

How To Grow Profitably Without New Age Crap

The path to growing wealth in your personal life or through your Christian business comes from one place. Tangible spiritual authority which is much different than just ordinary influence. One of the primary reason’s well meaning Christians are attracted to new age doctrine (in my opinion) is that it offers to reveal to you how […]

Building A Racially Diverse Business

1 Simple Tip To Help Everyone Feel More Comfortable

Having a racially diverse business requires that you plan strategically for it. Praying, dreaming and telling everyone that is your plan will not produce the fruit at a client level.   More than eight in ten (85 percent) of Christians say every church should strive for racial diversity, according to a survey from Nashville-based LifeWay […]

Please Take My 2016 Reader Survey

Help Me Create Teams That Meet Your Needs

I want to ensure my coaching business does the best possible job of meeting your emotional and practical needs.  And that means I need to know more about your identity and what will serve you best.  To do that, I’ve created my 2016 Coaching survey. Would you please take a few minutes to fill out […]

How To Be Consistent For Christians

I constantly have clients ask me how to be consistent to take the actions we agree on in coaching. I want to help you answer this today from a Christian perspective as we serve the almighty, who created our universe with everything in it and it’s wonderfully consistent every day! First and most importantly, if […]